Son addicted to crack cocaine


my son went into rehab 18 months ago for heroin addiction for 6 months but immediately came out and started doing drugs, he has struggled for 10 years with addiction(not heroin all that time) and is permanently depressed, last 6 months or more??

is addicted to crack cocaine he is now paranoid, wont leave his rented house, always angry wont answer my calls, in the past i have paid his rent,taken shopping, both cried, argued every emotion but now I’m at a total loss as i wont pay rent anymore (so the fear i have been dreading is he will be on the streets) or go to the house begging to be let in i am so tired of the same things and no changes i feel i dont want to know anymore(what sort of mum am i to think that) which adds to my depression!!

i am at a total loss and so scared, he wont go back to 12 step program/rehab/doctors/or any help program, ive read everything about crack addiction,spoke to helplines but im totally lost..

i dont know why i am writing this because i want someone to tell me the answer which i know is impossible, the helplessness is overwhelming.

From Helpless to Hope

by: Ned Wicker

You feel helpless because you want to help and you know there?s really nothing you can do that will make any difference.

The addiction is his problem and over the years he has made it your problem. You paid the rent, bought food and looked after things while he got high. He won?t talk to you now because you won?t enable his addiction.

There is hope.

Talk to his treatment center. Perhaps being on the street is what he needs, as much as that sounds cruel and heartless. He is in denial and no meaningful step towards sobriety is going to take place unless he decides for himself to get help.

You and your family can probably put some positive pressure on him to make that decision. If he has a choice to make, other than treatment, he will make that choice. In his mind, he is right and all of you are wrong.

Addiction robs him of reason and the ability to participate in any meaningful relationship. You need to force his decision to go back into treatment.

If he was in a 12 Step program and got nothing out of it, I would submit to you that he was lying to himself and to others. !2 Step is about the human condition and becoming a whole person. Many people refuse to allow the process to unfold and it?s all too easy to say it doesn?t work.

Also, turn to Al-Anon or a like organization and get some help for yourself. You need to be educated about addiction, even though you?ve been living with it all these years.

Get your family involved and fight back.

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