Getting Hypnotic help for drugs

by Janet

(Broward Co., Florida)

My daughter is addicted to drugs and has been through 2 treatment programs and a few detoxes(one in jail) and is court ordered to one year drug program.

Living at a 1/2 way house right now but moving out and is still doing drugs according to her roommate that just moved out for various reasons but did not want to room with my daughter anymore.

Daughter has boyfriend in jail and has gotten another boyfriend to help her financially. Apparently, according to roommate she is faking her drug tests & has used the roommates urine before.

My daughter does not want to be “one of them” and doesn’t need help. Denies doing drugs but she had also been selling them.

Do you think hypnosis would work for her–want to save her–not trying to control her just want to save my daughter.

What to do? Janet

Many Roads to Recovery

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Janet,

Your daughter has gotten by so far by manipulating the system, which tells me she has never fully invested in getting better. Half way houses are great, but if she’s using, it defeats the purpose.

For you, I’d suggest Al-Anon, to get some support, some guidance and a better understanding of how to fight this fight.

Your daughter is heading down a dangerous path and she will fight any idea of more treatment. She doesn’t believe she has a problem, even thought the court does. The court may be a friend to her by forcing treatment and there are some judges who really are trying to do the right thing.

She needs to get out of her familiar environment and get into a healthy situation for recovery. Something has to break the cycle. A 12 Step program might help to make her a whole person again. Try to get her to do to AA or NA meetings daily and to find out what she is really up against.

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