Both Addicted to Prescription Drugs

I am an addict please help me and my family.

I have a daughter that is missing out on her parents.

We are both addicted to prescription pills.

One Step at a Time

by: Ned Wicker

I once asked a woman in a treatment center group what she believed was the “power greater than ourselves.”

She was very quick to reply, “I want to get healthy for my daughter.”

Those family relationships that are negatively impacted by drug addiction are also so very powerful in helping addicts focus on treatment and recovery.

You need to break the cycle of addiction and step one is getting yourself checked out by a doctor.

Explain what is going on and see if there is a recommended treatment center that can help you.

Addiction is a disease and you need treatment.

Quitting cold turkey is admirable, but impractical. You need help.

Call your doctor or a local hospital, or a local drug treatment center and arrange a consultation.

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