Percocet help from doctor?

by Don


I started recreational use of percs and the like. I’m now addicted and taking about 150mgs a day. I have a professional job that I can’t miss many more days off.

I’m ashamed beyond belief and want this to go away so I can get back to normal life. Should I call my doctor? Will he help get me on a ween-off program? I don’t want to go to a treatment center.

Get Help

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Don,

Goal number one is to get off the Percocet and seeing your doctor is a logical first step. He will make an assessment and advise you on a proper treatment program. With opiates, many times an outpatient program can do the job nicely, so you may not have to go into a residential treatment center.

However, I think you have already figured out that your addiction, left untreated, will cost you your job anyway, so that gets us back to goal number one.

Another good reason for seeing your doctor is to determine whether or not something else is going on inside your body, maybe something you are not aware of. What is your overall state of health and are there any lurking medical maladies that might hinder your recovery?

Many people just want some kind of medical intervention, but they are not interested in doing the work to make sure the drug use doesn’t start again. That includes going to meetings and being a part of a therapeutic community. This is not just a medical issue.

It is an emotional/psychological issue and it is a spiritual issue. That is why a holistic approach to your addiction is needed. We are body, mind and spirit and so all three areas need attention, so do not try to short-cut the process with a “wean-off” program that just addresses one issue. Give yourself tender loving care.

I realize you feel ashamed, but your addiction was an unintended consequence of a poor decision. Deal with the lapse in judgment and look forward.

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