Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana: Stretching the Limits

By Ned Wicker

During my routine daily net surfing activities, I landed on a piece by Taylor Friedman on the NBC LA web site, about people who were hospitalized after eating pieces of “Hubby’s Edible Bars.” This “medical marijuana” is only supposed to be sold to adults and I suppose there are batteries of lawyers working for the manufacturer who will tell you that this garbage is only for medical purposes and not for children. And so it goes.

Ventura County education officials warned that the chocolate (these aren’t targeted at kids) marijuana bars contain hash oil. That takes me back to my youth and the popularity of marijuana brownies. A student gave one of these chocolate bars to a teacher, who became sick, as did another student, who wound up in the hospital after eating half of one.

Of course, only people 18 and older, with a “medical marijuana card” can purchase this “medicine.” Naturally, the label says that the bars should be kept out of the reach of children, so exactly why they wound up in a public school is purely coincidence and anyone who has concerns about “medical marijuana” is overreacting. The people who manufacture this poison know exactly what they’re doing.

People will argue that they need the marijuana to control pain, settle their stomach or otherwise make their life more manageable because medical science cannot do anything for them. Or maybe they just want to get stoned legally.

For every possible legitimate case for the use of this, I would venture that there are countless dozens of frauds. People want to stretch the limits of the law, proper human behavior, societal norms and want to redefine the meaning of human dignity. Chocolate bars laced with hash oil? Please.

People want things their own way. Addicts may realize deep down that they have a problem, but they will deny it anyway. No matter how sick they get, the rest of the world is wrong. They can rationalize anything. .Medical marijuana is the first step towards the legalization of the drug, which hopefully will never happen.

Medicinal purposes? Sure. Tell that to the mother of a child who dies in the emergency room. The kids in Ventura County were lucky. This is an example of a very bad idea that has been pushed forward through manipulation of the law, complete disregard for any legitimate intended purpose and it is specifically designed to appeal to a younger audience, mainly teens and pre-adolescents.

The manufacturers and distributors can hide behind the law, taking no responsibility at all for their actions. These liars and conmen are clearly targeting kids and no amount of disclaimers, written, verbal or otherwise, will convince me that they are anything more than predators who feed on the unsuspecting. Kids walk right into this kind of trap.

Throughout recorded human history we have heard about people who press the limits. Human nature means excess or nothing is ever enough. We always want more. Buyers and sellers, predators and victims, actions and consequences all tell the story. We don’t think about how our own excesses destroy our society, one chocolate hash oil bar at a time. But it’s not intended for kids. Remember that.

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