I am 14 and addicted?

by Anthony

I am 14 and I am addicted to drugs or was and I need help to stay clean?

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by: Ned Wicker

Dear Anthony,

It’s hard to be 14 and have this kind of a problem. I do not know what you have been using, how much or for how long, but I do know this–you need to talk to your parents and be completely open and honest with them.

Sometimes parents don’t understand right away, but be patient and give them a chance. Using drugs at any age is dangerous, but at your age in particular, the recreational use of drugs can lead to so many problems.

Your best option is treatment and you need to have people to take you through that process. Maybe you should see a doctor and get checked out. Tell the doctor everything and don’t leave anything out. There is help available and you can get better.

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