by Rhuvendran

I have used yaba more or less like 6 months.
Can I get my normal healthy life back ? I don't think I am addicted because I've stopped using it like 2 weeks and I don't feel like using it.
All I want to know is:

Can I get cured from these side effects of this drug like

1 faster heart beat
2 feeling weak & my skin feels like dry it's like I am getting wrinkles

Can I get cured?
How much time do I need to get a normal life?
What sort of things do I have to do get healthy again like exercise or some food habits or anything else.

I have gone in the wrong path

I want my life back.

So, help me!!

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You're likely in withdrawal from yaba
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Rhuvendran,

It's so great to hear that you're no longer using yaba. Everything you're currently experiencing that you're trying to fix is likely caused by yaba. You're probably in withdrawal from yaba.

When you take yaba it ATTACKS your BRAIN and changes your brain in VERY negative ways. When you stop taking yaba, your brain is trying to get back to the way it was before you began using. That's likely what's likely causing your negative symptoms.

Each of us is uniquely made so each of us experience withdrawal in our own unique ways. It usually takes 4-6 weeks to completely withdraw from yaba but it may take up to three months to feel 100% back to normal.

The minute you use ANY yaba your brain returns to how it was before you quit and you will have to go through the 2-3 month withdrawal all over again. That is why it is SO critical that you not use any yaba and avoid attacking your brain again.

Because you only used for six months you should return to 100% normal, but you can imagine that if you used for ten years or more you are much less likely to return to normal. The negative effects of yaba could become permanent if you don't stop using it.

I HIGHLY recommend that you try to find Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) meetings in your area and attend them daily until you feel better. AA has a program called the 12 steps that helps us to understand our addiction and re-learn what we need to change in our lives so that we can avoid abusing any drugs in the future.

Good Luck,


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