Dating Ex-Heroin Addict?

by Terry

I am dating an ex heroin addict who is 58. I am trying to understand the personality of this person. Sometimes he shows interest in things and other times he only has interest in the tv and computer.

He does not communicate on a regular basis with me. A couple of text during the week and emails including music and maybe a phone call.

He is also a recovering alcoholic for 12yrs. I have looked through the internet for some advice and was not successful.

Thank you for your time. I do not know what to think of this 2mth relationship.

Understanding His Experience

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Terry,

Hopefully, your recovering addict/alcoholic is not using. I congratulate him on 12 years. I do have a couple of thoughts. You may want to talk to someone from Al-Anon, just to gain insight into the mind of a recovering addict.

If you really understand him, maybe that will ease your anxious thoughts. He may just be an introvert and only wants to see you on his terms. Another suggestion is to read “Why Don’t They Just Quit?” by Joe Herzanek. The book is a great guide for someone just like you.

If you feel brave, just ask him how he feels about you. Maybe the relationship is just going to be casual and has no serious future.

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