Questions Concerning Substance Abuse

by Judy


My 2 sons 31/32 have struggled with addiction for 10 years and have been injecting for 6 years?

Right now they are into the bath salts. 1 ended up in psych ward for 2 weeks. The other has called the police 3 times because he is paranoid and thinks someone is after him. The police call us we go pick him up.

They won’t stop, one son just lost a 80.000 a year job because he was acting crazy at work.

Rehab after rehab I have lost count. They blame each other. It’s a I hate my brother but we love to do drugs therefore they share sources….I cannot even explain this nonsense as I’m writing I can’t believe it.

I’ve let it consume 10 years of my life. 1 son is disabled( drugs of course) last night I spent watching my son tear his house apart until finally taking 5 Xanax to knock him out, he hadn’t slept in 3 days and worked nights.

He is skin and bones and looks 80.. Cops won’t take them, hospital says their not “bad” enough for help.

They threaten suicide often and are doing little by little daily…36 track marks I counted yesterday. One son has hep c and hasn’t had treatment.

They are sucking the life out of me. I avoid friends, family cause it’s embarrassing I cannot help them. I’ve written to Dr. Phil countless times as he’s never had this bad of addicts ever!

My prayer is for them to go into a year or so program ,or they will die.

Thank you






by Lisha

My daughter’s boyfriend is a recovering heroin addict using methadone to kick the addiction. (I just think he is now addicted to methadone).

Occasionally he drinks or uses other drugs on weekends. I thought if you were an addict, you shouldn’t do any drugs. (I know you shouldn’t do any drugs at all).

He insists he isn’t addicted to any other drugs or alcohol, just to the heroin. Can this be? Thanks.

by Latoya

(Dallas Tx)

I’m 36 days sober and so far so good but I’m still still internally struggling with the question in the back of my mind what’s the purpose?

Even though I know what the purpose of sobriety is I think it’s just a part of recovery the beginning stages at least. God is still good and still not finshed with me yet. I’m just now starting my steps over and trying to figure out where to start.

Should I start from beginning?

I need help from someone who maybe can relate to where he is in life. I have never used and I guess I just don’t understand.

I know I don’t understand when it comes to addiction and how it makes you feel. We met at a get together at one of his brothers house and we hit it off great. After a while I learned that he was a pot smoker, I already new he was a drinker. I did bug me but I had came out of a nasty relationship that I just told him that if he was going to get serious with me then he would have to stop.

It was agreed.

THEN the DRAMA hit I got knocked up and our lives changed. He wanted to be a daddy so we moved in together and started a life. He swore that it was over however he still had his same friends and activities.

The next thing I know I woke up one night and a friend of his and him are shredding, or whatever, it in the living room. I kicked his friend out and said go.

Well it hadn’t stopped and at this point I am concealing his secret. I blew one night when his parents came over and I thought my nightmare of it was over.

I didn’t say this but I was at home alone all the time when he was home it wasn’t him and he was always fight with me. He didn’t want to have sex I went for over 7 months without it. He never stayed out all night but he would be gone long enough it could have been a second 40 hour a week job.

Well I thought his parents would care or something and his mom said well you knew he was on it when you got married. So I was alone in this battle.

I decided to move, what do you know he convinced me that if we moved he could start fresh again. It would be different. Well we moved over an hour away and he goes out and meets someone who looks like he is on dope too. I didn’t say anything.

I had suspicions but i knew he would screw up and it would come out and it did. I decided divorce is the only answer I had two babies and one on the way. I went home to my dad’s house. My dad didn’t know anything he thought that he wanted both the single life and marriage.

I prep for divorce and am looking at what i have to do to break away from this. He would call me every day and tell me that he loves me and whatever and by the end of the 2 weeks I wasn’t sure that I still loved him. The last night before my trip with my dad was over. He said he would do anything to make it all better. He would go to rehab or therapy.

So I got home and called his insurance and got a substance abuse doctor. It took a few weeks to tell that he was different and over time I could see he was doing good.

He wasn’t moody or watching the clock to have to be somewhere and it was enough that I thought he meant it that he was done. He stopped going anywhere for several years until he met a guy and he wanted to go over to have a beer and play playstation. I let him go I mean I know that its not fun to be at home all the time and he had been good so I didn’t stress over it. Anytime in the past he would be defensive, and after medication he was open and answered anything.
well I am at a new place and am suspicious.

The last couple of weeks or maybe even few months. i see those traits again. I ask and he gets defensive.

We took the kids to the pool and he was what I knew was high and he said it was the new dose of xanax that he got. He ate everything he could find and fell asleep and sleep until the pool opened up that was like 30 minutes. His sex drive is near none. He thinks i am out to turn his kids against him and i haven’t said one word.

There are fights that i think he is mental. The last week he cant sleep at night and gets up to watch tv. I have researched this and and these are the common side effects for weed and very few of these things go with xanax. I don’t know and think that he can’t give it up no matter how much he says that he isn’t addicted. I just need help.

We started off not so good but we have been happy for the last several years. i am not willing to go back but i need someone to tell me what he isn’t.

Feel free to ask ??’s or whatever if you need to.

by Latoya

I’m looking for a sponsor, what is the best way to find one?

I think my friend is in denial, she recently went to rehab after coming clean that she has addition with Vicodin. She was only in rehab a week now she saying alcohol is worse then pills, so my question to you is alcohol a worse addition?

Can I take a subutex pill to treat a heroin overdose?

by Kate


My boyfriend of 8 years has been addicted to crack for over 20 years. I stood by him thru it… all he lies and lies and is always angry but only at me.

He drinks and becomes verbally abusive why does he believe what his crack dealer tells him and not believe me?

He dumped me at least 30 times in 8 years but how can he believe a dope dealer over me? I’ve been there for him thru it all and I don’t do drugs.

He is so angry at me for no reason and he lies so much and can’t remember his lies but i never forget them. He makes excuses all the time. He’s 49, lives with his mommy doesn’t have any responsibility, mommy cooks, makes his bed, his lunch, irons his clothes.

I have a good job own my home never did or do drugs. Why would a man abuse and treat a good woman like me the way he does? He is so angry and it’s really disgusting.

I know your gonna ask why am I putting up with it and why am i still with him? I think because i have no self esteem left he knocked me down so much i don’t feel good about me. I don’t feel pretty or good enough and he tells me no one will want me. I believe i also enable him and he knows he can treat me like shXX and I’ll always be there.

But I’m really tired i am physically sick as to how someone can treat another human being the way he treats me. I am a good person anyone will tell you.

Please help me and help me figure out why i stay with a loser dope addict who offers me nothing and never will and why does he believe his dope dealers over me?

by Lori

(Canton, Ohio)

Daughter (stepdaughter) is using…we think Heroin. We have had custody of her daughter for almost 3 years.

We have no seen or heard from her until May (Mothers day). All she did was ask for money. Didn’t ask about her child or anything. Then again on fathers day. She wants to have lunch… she was boo hooing about how she is not doing good. But then next time it is she has a sponsor.

She has a very long history of lying , stealing, etc., usual addict behavior. She has not seen her daughter for almost 2 years. We feel it would be bad for the little one to see her only for her mother to go years again.

We need help.

It is my stepdaughter and my husband is afraid he will get a call saying she is dead. I expect it and have accepted it. I feel there isn’t anything we can do for her. She is in constant trouble and I don’t want to be around the crowd she associates with. Jail record a mile long.

We have enough to deal with besides being robbed blind. I feel it would be putting ourselves as well as our granddaughter at risk. The little girl is almost 4 (August).

We had to give up our life at our age for the little one and so we don’t want her not to be safe. We need to know if we should get in touch with her.

I am stronger and can say no to money, etc. My husband is not so strong. In fact it took him years to figure out he was enabling her. I am afraid if he sees her he will relapse. I keep saying to him, I am not going to be the one who gives her the money that she buys drugs with and OD’s on.

Should we not get in touch? I have never responded to her texts because I don’t know what to do.

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