Son’s girlfriend addicted and pregnant?

by Jane


My son is living with a woman who is not only pregnant with his child, but hooked on pain killers (vicodin – percocet). We’re just beginning to find out because I caught her stealing leftover pain meds from a past surgery in my house.

I told him – he confronted her and she admitted it. She is one of four children from a home with two addicted parents. She has a brother and sister who are addicted, too. Now what?????

How do I convince him to leave her? What about the baby due June 22nd? I’m fearful of her well being.

How can we remove her parental rights?

It is very early and I am unaware of any treatment at this point, but my understanding from speaking with a doctor is the baby will very likely be addicted.



We would love to help any way we can. is a resource for those who are struggling with substance abuse and for those supporting friends and family stuck in addiction.

We have links to organizations such as the NAATP which may be of some help for you.

We wish you the best in dealing with this difficult situation!

Son’s girlfriend addicted…

by: Lynette


Hi – Thanks for writing.

I would suggest that you contact a lawyer regarding this situation. I really don’t know how it works, but as you said any drug can affect a baby in the womb.

For yourself, you can get support by going to an Al Anon meeting (they talk about drugs, too) where you will meet others in the same or similar situation as yourself. Or, you could talk to a clergy, a drug and alcohol counselor or a medical doctor. Get some support for yourself. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

There are many in similar situations – counting me. My son has been using drugs and alcohol for 14 years and is now in jail. On the other hand, I am a recovering alcoholic and have not drank for 25 years.

I go to Al Anon meetings and use all of the support that I suggested to you above (I see a psychologist, talk to my clergy and see a physician’s assistant)and they all help immensely.

Good luck to you and I will pray for you and your family-Lynette

Tough Situation

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Jane,

First things first. If your son is interested in a relationship with his girlfriend, baby or no baby, he needs to learn how to help. She admitted that she has a problem. This is good. There’s hope, but she needs to get into treatment and allow people to help her become clean and sober.

Your son needs also to protect his unborn child and that means the mother needs to be healthy. She needs to get into treatment and break the family addiction history. Groups like Al-Anon and AA are excellent sources of information and support.

The most important thing is for her to be in treatment. If that doesn’t happen, and she persists in her drug use, your son will have more decisions to make.

Hopefully she’ll get some help and be a good mother to the baby.

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