Boyfriend says he needs me to recover from crack addiction?

by Stephanie

My boyfriend says that he needs me to be able to recover from his crack addiction. I want to know if this is true? We do not have enough money to send him to rehab and i have been researching ways of treatment for him which I can help him with.

He doesn’t smoke crack everyday, but when he does he can go on for days. He has asked me for help and I really want to help him because I love him. He also suffers from

I know that depression is one of the side effects of using crack.


I attend a weekly support group and we do bible study. He doesn’t want to come with me because he says that the people at he meeting are off loading all their problems. I go to church as well, but he always has excuses not to go with me.

He prays and reads the bible, however I feel that he needs that extra feeding that you get from the word of God.

Keep Trying

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Stephanie,

Your boyfriend seems to have an excuse for everything. He doesn’t have the funding for treatment, but he won’t go to meetings because everybody else has problems.

He reads the Bible, but he won’t go to church. He says he wants you to help, but he is refusing the kind of help you can offer.

As it stands now, his drug problem is YOUR problem, not his. As his disease progresses, he will have little time for your relationship, as you will become a secondary concern in his life.

At some point you are going to have to make a decision to draw the line in the sand.

He can be your man, or he can do crack, but he isn’t going to be both. He needs to wake up and take responsibility.

There are excellent Christian-based support groups, such as “Celebrate Recovery” that unleash the power of Scripture for addicts.

NA is a great meeting organization for support and guidance. I agree that you need some support, but he has to make a positive move. You need to communicate that very point.

Does your boyfriend have good health insurance?

by: Anonymous


The more research I’ve done on the subject of addiction, the more I’ve learned that a rehab or detox center has the highest success rate at getting someone clean and sober.

There is a reason people get addicted. Most times they are depressed. In their own environment, it is just TOO difficult to bear the detox process on their own.

Does your boyfriend have good health insurance? Talk to your family doctor or have him visit a psychiatrist who will recommend a 28 day residential substance abuse/detox center.

I believe insurance companies are supposed to help with costs of rehab. There are also medical care payment plans that could help with any remaining costs.

There is a place in southern Indiana I know of. I actually stayed there for a week to detox from a lesser addiction. They use a tapering method to help wean someone off of a drug addiction. They also incorporate lots of activities, weight training, etc.. to help the person get a new lease on life!

Here is their website. Contact the owner for more information.

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