by Sierra Palantino


Why do so many people want to try drugs and alcohol if they know it is not good for you?


by: Sierra

Thank You guys,

I understand a little more now because I have been researching on this topic for a few weeks now. You guys have been a great help, and I thank you very much. If I have any more questions I will surely ask you.


by: Lynette


Hi-I think with a lot of people they start drinking alcohol. Then, whoever they are hanging out with has drugs and they figure, “hey, why not”.

With some drugs,like crack, you can become addicted the first time you try it. I don’t think anyone plans on becoming an addict.

At first the drugs are probably fun. Then, they become addicting when you no longer have much fun using them but just feel that you HAVE to have them, and many times people will do anything to get them. They end up doing things they NEVER thought they would do to get the drug.


It’s About Being Human

by: Ned Wicker


If you see a speed limit sign that says 35, do you not go 40 or higher? If one Oreo cookie is good, then two must surely be better, right?

One person can take a drink, enjoy it and not need a second drink, while another person takes that one drink, experiences “the click” and progressively no amount of alcohol is enough. The human condition is complex.

No amount of education, no scary PSAs on television and no firm admonishments will prevent human beings from stretching the limits. Nobody believes its going to happen to them, because they know what their doing and they have it all under control.

It’s like the frog in the pot of water. By the time the pot is boiling, it’s too late. That’s the sad truth of it.

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