Boyfriend won’t get help for opiate addiction?

by September

(Cleveland, Oh)

I have been dating my boyfriend for 1 and half years and I’ve known him for about 7 years. I am almost 21 and he has just turned 25.

He has been doing(snorting) opiates (first oxycontins then opanas, occasionally shooting them) for around 3 years.

But in the past 12 months his addiction has spiraled out of controll. Everyday he wakes up and does 1-2 opanas or oxys and then another 1-2 throughout the day.

Sometimes he even snort 4-5 depending on if he’s having a “bad ” day. He even has a script for the 30mg opanas which he obtained from a “crooked doctor.”

He refuses to go to rehab or get some any kind of professional help and gets very angry whenever I try to bring it up.

He claims he’ll do it after he starts working out or ect. . Always an excuse not to quit.

His family and he are not on very good terms right now and even when they were on good terms they didn’t really try to help they would just yell and be angry and get on his case which only made him feel worse.

He pretty much cut ties with them altogether now so I’m pretty much all he has. I used to beg cry offer any help I could for him and he just pushes me farther and farther away sometimes even saying I’m stupid and to leave him alone.

The drugs have completly changed his entire personality . We are always fighting he never wants to have sex hug kiss.. he’s completly withdrawn himself from me . He’s very very depressed and has a ton of axiety and insomnia.

He takes 5 xanax a day plus trazadone which scares me so much I hear of ppl oding from oxy and xanax all the time.

Every single day I’m afraid I’m going to wake up and he’s going to be dead next to me.

After a while I kinda just stopped getting on his case about the drug problem because it just upset him and we fight and then he normally just does more pills out of anger.

He has subutex and refuses to take it! But the other night me and a mutual friend of ours were talking about his addiction (she also is addicted to opiates but its not as bad as him) and she was saying how she worries he will die and a few others have said it and now it has hit me harder than ever, I can’t let him go on like this anymore.

Even other people are worried and they don’t even know how bad it really is. I’m so scared I need some advice on how to help him I don’t want to worry I don’t want to cry I don’t want to be 20yrs old and bury my 25 yr old bf., the love of my life and best friend.

Please help !

Any suggestions will do I want my boyfriend back he was such a great person and still is deep down I see glimpses of who he used to be so I know he’s in there somewhere and he has so much potential and so much more to see in life I don’t want it to end now.

He’s my everything I’d do anything to get him back .

You Have To Fight

by: Ned Wicker

Your boyfriend is in serious trouble. Shooting the opiates is one thing, but the withdrawal from the Xanax is particularly nasty and can trigger seizures.

Of course he doesn?t want to quit. Of course he has an excuse. It is not a surprise that he is estranged from his family because they don?t like what he has become, and he?s not interested in family activity, only getting high.

The addiction controls him and trust me, there is no room for you in his life. Right now you can be a friend and try to get him into treatment by getting some help yourself.

He?s going to get mad, because his mind has no choice but to get mad.

Keep calm and relaxed.

Go to Al-Anon.

These folks have vast experience. His family needs to get involved, not by getting angry with him, but by banding together and forcing him into treatment.

On his own, he will never go to treatment, because the addiction won?t allow it, it has consumed him. The addiction has caused him to become manipulative, self-centered, deceiving and pretty much anything he tells you is a lie.

You describe him as your ?everything.? In reality, you have no relationship, but you can fight to get him back and so can his family.

If he has any feeling for you at all, through his addicted state of mind, maybe he will be willing to get help, especially if you are strong enough to draw the line and say no to him.

If he doesn?t get into treatment, you need to take a walk and keep walking. But you can take action. Reach out and talk to his family, get some advice and counsel from a drug treatment center. Band together and try to get him some help. Organize and get a plan from a professional.

If there is anything left of him, fight for it.

Treatment is the only avenue that will give you any hope.

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