Cocaine cravings?

by JJ

I have a friend who’s son used coke and has stop using for two years but complains of craving or feeling hungry.

Is there any thing she can tell him to use to help with these cravings?

Recovery Group

by: Ned Wicker

It is good that your friend’s son has not used for two years, but has he ever been in treatment?

Sometimes people go through detoxification, but do not enter into a treatment program, or if they do they sometimes do not complete it. After treatment comes recovery and recovering addicts need support. AA has groups, but there are also other organizations that provide valuable services.

For those in recovery, may still feeling those cravings, support is out there. Encourage him to make the call and get into a recovery group. They will help him learn how to deal with his cravings and move beyond them.

Cocaine cravings?

by: Lynette

Hi JJ-
I wasn’t too familiar with cocaine cravings help so I looked it up on the internet and found a lot of information. This is one thing I found:

Cocaine may be one of the toughest addictions to cure because it triggers a buildup of a protein that persists in the brain and stimulates genes that intensify the craving for the drug, new research suggests.

Also, I read that many things can trigger the cravings like going past a place where you previously got the drug.

However, there is help. I read that aerobic exercise can help. I suggest that you look on the internet, also.

It’s strange that you asked this question because my son is a drug addict and is now in jail for driving while impaired by drugs. I know he used cocaine, at least prior to that. He was clean for 7 months and then, while we were away (he was living with us), used cocaine and had a VERY bad experience.

He thought someone was outside the house trying to get in and get him. He called my neighbor and told him that and asked him to bring him his cigarettes to him out of his car. He was screaming out the window at the “person” he saw outside. My friend called us and we had to come home. So, perhaps knowing that such a horrific thing can happen could be helpful.

I go to Al Anon meetings – for families and friends of alcoholics and drug addicts – and they help me immensely. Your friend could attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings (they talk about drug addiction, too) or Narcotics Anonymous meetings. They should definitely get all the support they can get-perhaps also a counselor, talking to a clergy and seeing a doctor.

Write me back if you’d like to.

Good luck and I’ll pray for you-Lynette

Cocaine addiction

by: John

Cocaine addiction is a very powerful and dangerous disease. I think that treatment would be the best option because it is extremely hard to quit all by ones self. Here is a website that offers information about cocaine addiction, I hope it helps.

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