Common addiction …

by katherine wilson

(myrtle beach, sc)

My names Katherine, and I’m 17 years old. Not many people know my story, not even my parents…

It becomes harder and harder to tell each time because i realize the danger i put myself in. My addiction began when I ran away at the age of 15. My mother and I were having problems, she always yelled, and we always fought… everyday. It became unbearable.

My father has been absent pretty much all my life, and when he came back in it, point blank, he was an ass. My emotions got the best of me and I didn’t like being upset and crying all the time. Life was just too difficult. I wanted to die. that was my only option, so I thought.

I was scared, lost, and confused. Sitting in my room, thoughts went through my head, and made living harder and harder everyday.

I began looking for any pills I could find. A few months before I got a UTI and was prescribed Hydrocodone and Vicodin… I began to take 20-30 different pills a night.

I’d look for anything that had “PM” in it because I thought it would make me sleep, an never wake up… I would take the pills, and then fill the bathtub up with water, an hope I’d fall asleep an drown… and die.

Thank the lord this never happened, but I did become very very sick. I am also having long term effects from the pills. I now have stomach problems, sometimes the pain is unbearable.

I became very depressed and was sad 110% of the time. I started going to counseling for my depression and was prescribed Zoloft. It helped a lot.

I was fine for a while, then I started abusing my ibuprofen. I am recently clean, and haven’t abused pills and gotten addicted to them. I do know however, that it would be extremely easy for me to become an addict again, I just hope I never go that way.

It is important to have love and support from friends an family to overcome pill abuse an addiction. I know many people who have stories similar to mine, and I know first hand addiction is very scary, and makes you lonely.

My name is Katherine, and I am a former addict or pill abuser. I have overcome my addiction.(: & proud of it.

You are a strong person

by: tim

Thank you for your story. You are a true champion. Only champions like you can help others, God loves you, thank you.


W0W! (:

by: Ashley

I am so proud of you! I am also 17 and my story is called “My Dark Abyss.”

You went through a lot and are able to overcome your addiction to pills which is an inspiration to me because I was addicted to XTC, OXY & any pill I could get my hands on!

Thank you so much for sharing your story! & keep your sobriety up One Day at a Time!

God Bless & Take Care!


Common addiction…

by: Lynette


Hi Katherine-

Thank you so much for sharing your story and CONGRATULATIONS on being clean.

I am a recovering alcoholic-I have not drank for 25 years. Sometimes it is still hard, for example, if I am at a wedding and a lot of people are drinking but I have figured out ways that help.

I always make sure that I drive myself so that if things get too out of hand I can leave. That helps a lot. Also, it helps to find someone else that is not drinking.

Anyhow, my son is a drug addict and has been for 13 years. Recently, for the first time, he decided he had had enough and (we believe) he was clean for 7 months.

Then he had a relapse and, unfortunately, now he is in jail for driving while under the influence of drugs. However, he is writing to me that he is not giving up and is turning to the Lord.

I have finally learned that I have to detach from him and to stop enabling him by helping him when he is using. It is very hard because I love him.

The only thing I do is write to him – I don’t talk to him on the phone or go to see him. Unfortunately, I cannot really trust him so I feel that I must continue to be detached from him and not help him until I see that he is getting help and is clean for some time.

I attend Al Anon meetings. There I meet family and friends of alcoholics and drug addicts who are going through the same or similar things as me.

I used to go to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings when I was working on getting clean and they helped a lot. too. I would greatly recommend them to you. I also see a counselor, a physician’s assistant, and talk to my minister.

Get all the clean friends you can find and get all the support you can get and I hope and pray that you stay clean!!

Good luck and I will pray for you-Lynette

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