Concerns About Addiction Continued


i have a big problem. as i discovered that my boyfriend was addicted to drugs, he told me that after he started to withdraw, but he changed a lot with me & he still didnt stop

what i want to know what drug he used to take he told me hash but i saw him itching, so do hash withdrawal can cause itching or is it another drug?

i also want know what should i do to help him & does stopping drugs may effect our relationship?

by Oonagh


My name is Oonagh Mc Fall, I am 22 years old. I hope to begin shooting a documentary on over the counter codeine addiction in Ireland.

I watched my friend suffer with an addiction to neurofen plus for four years and now I want to help people in similar situations.

For this documentary to be successful in raising awareness of this hidden problem I need as much help as possible. I would love people to share their experiences.

If you do not want to be on camera, have your voice or name used, your story alone would be a major help. I urge anyone with any personal experience or people who have had a family member or friend affected to contact me. either by email [email protected] or by private message on this.

Remember your confidentiality is equally important to me, you will not have to share any details that make you uncomfortable.

I look forward to hearing from you.

by Ngozi

Please, my husband is an addict, he is almost running mad, I have done what I could to help him, what else can I do to get him out of this embarrassing predicament?

by Pamela

My son’s father is addicted to pain killers. He’s now selling his belongings to pay his bills.

I have confronted him and so have family but he goes in a rag and denial.

I have removed my son from the house.

What more can we do to get him help?

by Maria


I think my boyfriend is taking heroin in my house. I have a family member who used to be on it and their home always smelled like mine does now. He searches my house from top to bottom looking for what, I think it’s for money or anything that is of value. He has
mood swings etc…

I found him in the loft sawing the old copper pipes! My house is dirty with brown marks all over the place. Sometimes I throw up of a morning due to a strange smell and I have blurred vision and cramps and aches and pains in all over my body and memory loss!

Could I be affected by his heroin smoke? He lies all the time even about silly things!

Please help as I have a child with him and I don’t want my child affected.


by Surendra

Respected sir, I have inflammatory bowel disease from 2000 to till date I have taken ofloxicasin+oridazole from 2005 to till date two tablets per day but I have not get any improvement.

Also I have found some other problems I am addicted for above drugs so please give me some tips to how I came from that problem and also I want to come out from ofloxaciaan and oridazole drugs addiction.

by Nandita

Hi there,

I need help for my brother who is addicted to cannabis and alcohol.

The current symptoms show that he has lot of anxiety,shaky,cannot sleep, pain in body, anger and out of control, abusive and can harm others.

I need help and please let me know how can we go ahead and what steps are involved.

by Leo

What should a student should know about drugs?

by John

My very bright granddaughter-very high math scores- a cheerleader captian- has thrown that overboard and began using Ecstasy and marijuana and I don’t know what to do.

Do you wait until she hits rock bottom, or am I able to do something now. Both of her parents, who share custody, are at a loss as what to do, and are doing nothing.

I cannot stand by and watch what happens to my granddaughter.

by Jimmy

I need recovery poems?

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