December 2010 Questions

by Brenda

Before I got married, my husband and I used marijuana together and thought of it as a fun, pass-time over the weekends.

But then I got pregnant and I stop, he did not. Once I stopped nursing, I started to use marijuana again with my husband on the weekends just for fun. Then I got pregnant… and the same story all over again. I have grown and realized that I do not want my kids to see me as a drug user mom and have completely stopped.

My husband still uses marijuana and he made sure the kids never saw him. Except now he started to slip and started to use it in the house and the kids have caught him (our kids are 3 and 5 years old).

What started to trouble me was that I found out he smokes on his 2hr commute from work everyday and gets home and smokes more. Now I started to wonder if he is an addict. He tells me he can quit whenever and assures me that he will not smoke in the house any more, then the next thing you know he is smoking in the bathroom.

My question is does this seem like a person that’s become addicted? If so, how do I show him that he’s an addicted person and needs help?

by Catalina

We can’t afford rehab and he’s at a point where he wants help and if we don’t give it to him, it will be the end of it.

I’m desperate and don’t know what to do!

Please help!

Should I allow my daughter to have contact with her father, whose addicted to heroin? He is in a treatment center again. He has made several attempts to get clean but has failed every time.

by Edward

I have a number of questions that I would like to have answered:

1. Who would be prescribed codeine?

2. When prescribed, what is codeine supposed to do for the patient?

3. What are the most common forms of codeine being used?

4. Who are the most common users of codeine?

5. Would codeine be considered a narcotic?

6. Is there an increase of abuse with this drug?

7. Popular culture, more or less the hip-hop culture, depicts the drug as something being used as a recreational drug?

8. What effects does codeine have that would lead to its recreational use?

9. From what I have been hearing throughout my research that depending on the color of the liquid form or the mixture of candy or soda that the effects can differ. Is there any truth to this?

10. Besides the obvious effects, are there any other short term signs of use when using codeine for reasons other than what it’s prescribed for?

11. Are there and long-term problems that can occur?

12. Physically, can a person be affected by misusing codeine?

13. Are there any psychological consequences to its misuse?

14. What goes on neurologically/chemically that causes the imbalance and possible addiction and physical consequences?

15. Do any of the other forms of codeine have the same side effects?

16. Could codeine abuse be a gateway to other drugs, just as marijuana can be? If so, what are the common drugs associated with it?

by Mary

How can I find out if my daughter is addicted to heroin?

Is there a test I can get blood or urine?

by Cruz

My son needs to complete drug classes for marijuana. He is on probation and the court is requesting drug classes to be completed. I have Kaiser insurance or I need something affordable?

by Charlie

(Calgary Alberta)

I need help throwing an intervention. His family falls for his lies all the time and he needs help. They know but refuse to see that handing him a beer and talking to him just doesn’t help

by M


We are struggling with an opiate addiction with a man who was injured in Iraq. His pain is severe but he overdoes his medications…it never seems to be enough.

by Leticia

I am raising my 7 year old granddaughter. Both her parents have addiction problems. I need information to guide me in trying to prevent my granddaughter from trying drugs. Maybe you have an specific program or can recommend books.

Please help!

by Barry

What are most informative questions to ask a former drug addict who has been through alcohol and cocaine

I’m trying to understand his cycle of addiction and recovery…?

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