Free at Last Just for Today

by Honey

(Wilkes Barre Pa)

I am a 60 year young revovering addict, who used and abused drugs, myself and others for 34 years. my drug of choice was more even though I would rather have opiates. I have been in recovery for 7 years just had a clean annivarsary on Dec. 1, 2008.

I didn’t ever think it was possible for me to get clean and stay clean just for today. after numerous of rehabs and jail sentencs I finally admitted that I had a problem and it wasn’t just a drug problem it was a never learning to grow up problem and that I needed to take responsibility for my actions and stop blaming the world for the unhealthy choices I had been making.

I moved from the city i had been raised in and found an NA meeting and started taking the suggestions of the program once I admitted I had made a complete mess of my life on my own I asked for help got a sponsor and allowed myself to be guided throgh the 12 Steps and the Traditions of the NA program, things have gotten so much better for me. I no longer sleep in old buildings or steal to support a habit.

I have become a productive member of society, I have become a taxpayer and not a burden to others just for today. So if there is anyone that thinks they are to old, to young or to far gone to recover I have learned it is never to late to find recovery.

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