My brother is addicted

by gianna


Me and my older brother just figured out last night that our little brother (20) is and has been abusing Opana for some time. I’ve had a feeling for a while he was doing something along these lines but could never prove it.

We finally found out for sure after he took our mother’s car and didn’t come home for a few days, i started asking around if anyone had seen him or knew where he might be. Finally i came across someone who I’m thankful told me the truth.

They told me he’s in deep, robbing people, scaring people with how messed up he gets, won’t stop until he’s out.

Earlier in the year he had a seizure while he was driving, he wouldn’t tell anyone what caused the seizure. Now i know it must of been the drugs he’s on.

He’s not supposed to be driving and constantly does, im so worried he’s going to OD or worse hurt someone else because he’s driving and has another seizure.

What can i do to help him?

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