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Keep Your Eyes Wide Open

by: Ned Wicker

You’re looking for clues and that’s good. Here are some of the things you want to watch out for as you assess whether or not your son is getting himself into trouble.

The signs include, but are not limited to:

change of sleep habits

weight loss/gain

loss of interest in school and friends

slumping grades

no interest in his appearance

mood swings that weren’t there before

difficulty focusing

loss of interest in hobbies and activities

loss of appetite


These are some and you are already seeing a lot of these for yourself. Al-Anon is an excellent source of information and support, so call them. Form a plan.

Do not argue with your son, but you should probably get him a medical check-up. If you are afraid of him, that’s a bad sign. Get help and don’t do this alone. Be calm. Listen to him.

Understand that he might lie to you and an addict will almost always lie to you. Be mom and take charge. Get the family involved.

How to spot…

by: Lynette


Hi-I totally agree with Ned’s comments. I just wanted to add one thing-get some help for yourself, also. I highly recommend Al Anon meetings. They are for friends and families of alcoholics (we talk about drug addiction, too). I go and it has helped me a lot-my son has been using drugs for a long time. He’s now in jail but he IS saying he’s ready to get clean and give it all over to God.

Also, a drug and alcohol counselor should be able to help you know what to do-or a regular counselor or medical doctor. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There is a lot of help out there so be sure to think about yourself, too, and not just your son.

Sincerely, Lynette

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