Determined to overcome addiction

by Lexi


My question- mainly.. is for advice. To talk to others, and see how they feel. To talk to other addicts facing the hardships and battles that we all feel.. that desperation we all feel.. loneliness.. when we’re at our lowest.

I want to be inspired by all of your stories…to have even more inspiration to write about my personal struggles- and others. We are not a cursed breed.. Some of us maybe started using drugs as a recreation.

Personally, I have been prescribed pain medications for chronic pain since I was 17 years old. Though I have a plethora of issues, and pain.. I understand my pain will never completely diminish. I am now going to be turning 20 years old this year. I’ve battled my personal addiction, alone- with one exception.. my mother is there for me.. who also has been battling addiction.

I’m getting sooooo much better. I’m even taking less than what I’m prescribed if I can. I’m very proud of myself.. but I’d like to have some advice on how I can maybe help motivate my parents to overcoming their addiction.

It’s a very hard situation, but I am being strong- and this time I have complete faith that I will have no more burdens from my normal life… Change starts from within..

As for medications.. they started me off with Hydrocodone 5mg.. then to 10 mg.. then to Oxycodone 15mg (4 times/day) then Oxycodone (6 times a day).. now finally i am on something that manages my pain- never completely relieves it- but I can finally live my life day to day without being miserable from pain.. and it’s not just one particular spot- I’ve had multiple surgeries.

Overall.. I just want some advice.. share some of your stories.. maybe some of you have been through something similar where you were involved with the “drug” with a group of people.

Sometimes you have to leave the negative people.. but, I will never leave my parents. Nor are they burdening me from my recovering. I was taking 20+ pills a day. Now I’m only taking 4-5 Oxycodone a day (prescribed 5 a day). I’m glad I finally can live being stronger, getting healthier, and working on myself.

Please feel free to share stories with me.. I’d like to talk to whoever pleases.. on a more personal level. I want to feel what you all have felt.. though in reality- we’ve all felt similar feelings throughout times of our addiction and our recoveries.


Good Start!

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Lexi,

Thank you for sharing your story with us and it’s comforting to know that you have regained some control in your life and are managing your condition. Treatment of chronic pain is always a difficult issue, which is why the doctors in the hospital system I work for have gone to great lengths to try to prevent patients developing dependence.

Dr. Carlton Erickson of the University of Texas is a leading researcher in addiction. During a lecture for drug and alcohol counselors in Wisconsin last spring, he stated that meditation and prayer can have the same impact on the brain as an opiate.

I found this unbelievable, until a friend, who has dealt with cancer for over 10 years, told me that meditation takes care of most of his pain management needs, and like you Lexi, he does need to take the prescribed amounts of Oxycontin that he is allowed.

If he tells me, “I didn’t need a pill today,” it’s because he had a good meditation.

At a young age, you have learned that you can take back your life. It has taken some effort, but you have overcome. As many can attest, it’s also easy sometimes to slip back into old habits and get into trouble. Because of that we encourage you to maintain your health by going to meetings and being a part of the recovery community. We are certain that many people will offer advice and counsel.

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