Drug addict… stealing mail..

by DL Wheeler

(Lincoln, Alabama)

I have a mother-in-law and she has allowed her youngest son to move back in with us here….. he has been stealing my mail and she refuses to think he is doing anything wrong… and I need to know what to do?

We stay in our area of the home and have no conversations with him because he lies and has her thinking he is doing fine… but, then he leaves and comes back high and she allows him to stay here…What can we do..?

He has an outstanding warrant in another county and I know he also does this to be vindictive.. to us… what should me and my husband do?

Bad Enabling Situation

by: Ned Wicker

Dear DL,

Sounds like mom is completely clueless and allows junior to do as he pleases. She’ll deny he has a problem, right? He’ll deny it.

You have a couple of choices–either move out, or if mommy’s little darling steals from you, file a complaint with the police. If junior goes in for treatment, you can drop the charges.

Seriously, mom is not going to lift a finger to help save her son from the misery of drugs. He certainly isn’t going to be of any help for himself, so you need to create some consequences for his actions. People who steal must pay the penalty. It’s not really all that harsh, especially if he gets some help.

Give Al-Anon a call and get their take on it. Mom needs to wake up and I am sure they can help.

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