Off Oxy’s for a year–still having shakes/tremors

by LMW


My husband is 58 years old and was on Roxicodone 30mg 6 times a day for 6 years due to back problems. He got off of them a year ago. He started having the shakes/tremors during withdrawal and beyond.

One year later anything he tries to do, he shakes. When he picks up anything he shakes. He is still very depressed also. He is on Cymbalta 60mg for depression and back pain.

He is also on 2mg Ativan up to 3 times a day for anxiety and shaking. And also Celexa.

My question is, is this a normal after effect of Roxicodone? Could there be brain cell damage?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thank You.

Every Person is Different

by: Ned Wicker

There could be a variety of things going on here, so rather than me giving you an unqualified answer, please have him make an appointment and get a complete physical workup.

His doctor is much better an answering how these drugs interact and what might be causing the shakes. With any psychotropic drug, especially in combination, who knows what might be happening?

He’s needs to be completely honest with his doctor to insure that proper treatment is given.

You may also may want to join Al-Anon for support, they have experience with many of the issues that you’re dealing with and can be an EXCELLENT resource for you.


by: Anonymous

I am a prior addict of prescriptions medication.
My personal knowledge may be a benefit to address this concern.

The shakes and tremors are the constant withdrawal from the Ativan and Cymbalta.
I know this is a vicious cycle and your hub is going through a confusing state.

I think it is great getting off the pain meds.
He needs to see a doctor to wean him off the medication and receive after care.

His depression is a residual effect of being on it. Among perhaps a variety of other effective factors.

He may experience headaches, shakes, tremors etc and should not be drinking. A detoxification from such drugs, and benefit of counseling to help with underlying issues may improve his over all well health and being.

Smoking as well is a indicator as well as too much caffeine that hits the central nervous system. A lot of patience and tolerance and especially encouragement will help.

Please know he is not the only one. And that I wish him ongoing recovery!

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