Unsure intentions [don’t know what to do while feeling so blue] unfinished anybody can complete if they want.

don’t know what to do while feeling so blue unfinished anybody can complete if they want.” style=”border:0px solid black;padding:5px;”>

by andrew johns from my poetical justice lines


Unsure intention’s
Feeling blue!

What shall I do? I don’t know
This craving is so strong
Just where do I belong?
Searching for a better day
The one which I could stay away
From this temptation all throughout
This day I pray for a better day
One without this temptation
To follow it through
While I’m feeling so blue
Why haven’t I got any clue?
After all I’ve been through
These thoughts are all so true
But what can I do when I
Haven’t got ant clue too see
Me through while I’m feeling so blue
My thoughts are seeing me do
Just what I’m now going through
While I plotting too see me do
Something new while feeling so blue
The white within my face is causing
Me a curtain disgrace while trying too
Follow my path too the end of this disgusting trap
Now I’m making myself laugh coz I’m being so daft
Just leave me too build this raft to try and make me
Finally have a good laugh unfinished! Now finally diminished!……

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