Need help with my lying bf

by Stacy


I have multiple herniated disks in my neck and had back surgery last year. I take painkillers; Roxycodone and Fentanyl patches.

My bf has convinced me that I really don’t need all my medication and to share my pills with him since he has multiple ailments due to a past car accident.

He said he cannot get them himself right now due to not having insurance. So I have stupidly been giving him almost all my pills to help him, meanwhile I am suffering. Last night I gave him my bottle of pills. I had just filled my script for my Fentanyl patches and left them in the car while at dinner.

He came up with an excuse for needing to go to the car and stole 3 patches from me. I discovered it soon after. I just snapped and started to yell at him because I felt so betrayed, I mean I am helping him and he takes from me. He denied stealing from me. He actually called me a junkie for checking my box of patches before I got home.

He told me he “took” them to help me. He felt if he held onto them he could divvy them out to me when I really needed them. I ended up feeling horrible and he ended up leaving because I disrespected him and didn’t trust him.

He told me how horrible I am for the way I acted and needed some time to cool off and think if he could even forgive me. I said things I did not mean such as telling him I never want to see him again.

I don’t know what to do, I feel horrible and love him so much? I feel he is right and I am the one that is nothing more than a junkie.

Toxic Relationship

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Stacy,

Be careful! It is important for you to understand that long-term pain management is serious business. The meds are designed to give you relief when you need it, not to give to your boyfriend. Allowing this is a very bad idea. I sense from your story that you already know this.

Your boyfriend is not doing you any favors, so from what I read, it sounds like he is lying to you and manipulating you to get your drugs. I do not believe he took them to “help” you. Try to take a step back for a moment and see this situation from another angle.

Both of you are using and appear to have a substance use disorder to one degree or another. He took your medicine for himself, which should tell you a lot. Setting aside the fact that taking your medicine is illegal, he is just perpetuating his own problem.

By allowing this to happen, you are part of the fraud. Your doctor prescribed medicine to help you deal with your condition, but you gave it to him. You probably don’t want to hear this, but you’re not good for each other because neither of you is healthy.

You will say you love him and you want to be with him, so you’re going to make a choice. He has already told you that you’re a “junkie” and how horrible YOU acted. That speaks volumes. It shouts.
The reality of your situation is you need to use your medicine lawfully and that means as prescribed. If you are developing a disorder, you need to be open and honest with your doctor and tell him/her everything.

There are many ways to control pain and you need to examine your alternatives. You also need to protect yourself and from what you have written that means dumping your boyfriend so you can concentrate on what is in your best interest.

One last thing. Go to a mirror and look at yourself and say, “I am a child of God and I am dearly loved by Him.”

WOW !!!!

by: Anonymous

Your boyfriend is playing you like a fiddle !!!! That’s what drug addicts do to other people to hurt them. Trust me I did it to my wife for years until she finally got hip to me and threw my azzz out until I went through rehab !!!!

Lying boyfriend

by: Anonymous

I would like to say that I have known my bf for 14 years and have been dating him for 2. I knew him before his drug problem which is why I have stayed with him.

I have noticed a drastic change in him and I just don’t know what drugs ge is doing. He goes from hyper and happy to calm and sometimes we will be talking and then he will just sit there and close his eyes.

If I refuse to give him my pills when I have them he will become irate and become violent towards me. It just breaks my heart.

Taking pain medication for me was a last resort. I actually take less than what the doctor prescribes and then take it when I need it for pain. I know I should just break it off with him but it is so hard. On the other hand, I feel right now he only loves himself and what ever drug he is taking. I pray to God it’s not heroin but I feel in my heart that it is.

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