Drug testing?

I know my loved one is using alcohol and not sure what else but there is something. I asked my loved one to take a drug test for me. He agreed but never showed up at my house.

I am a recovering addict and now he is asking me to take a drug test. I said no. Did I do the right thing? It’s not about me right?

Turn Around Trick

by: Ned Wicker

Of course your loved one turned the tables on you. He agrees to take a drug test, just to get you off his back, and then stipulates that you have to be tested as well.

When challenged, change the focus of the conversation on the other person, because you are an easy target. In order for him to stop drinking and using, there has to be consequences.

He can use you as an excuse all he likes, but if there are no consequences for his behavior, why should he change?

His health and well being should not be predicated on your action, therefore stick to your guns. He needs to take care of his own business, but until he realizes that the problem is his and not yours, he will resist.

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