Overcoming Your Own Personal Alcohol Addiction Recovery Hurdles Daily

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Overcoming Your Own Personal Alcohol Addiction Recovery Hurdles Daily

by Mary

Someone with an addiction to alcohol faces a long struggle as they recover and stay clean. Understanding everything that can get in the way of recovery is a good way to stay on track. Use this information guide so you’re prepared for anything that recovery throws your way.

Recovering from an addiction is never an easy process. The temptation is always there as are the many triggers that drive a person to drink. There’s really no easy way to move past an addiction to alcohol, but a better understanding of how to avoid the hurdles that get in the way of your goals is a great starting point. Knowing what makes you want to drink gives you the tools to avoid those triggers.


According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, more than 17 million Americans suffer from an alcohol use disorder. Many of them never get treatment, but for those who want to move past the problem and live a healthy life, there are a number of options as they move past their alcohol addiction. Being armed with the necessary information is a great first step. There are a number of Ambrosia addiction treatment centers that meet your needs.

Old Habits

Old habits are one of the most powerful driving forces behind failing to quit drinking. If you always have a drink after work, or you drink at parties, or you drink while you watch your favorite television programs, it can be incredibly hard to do those things minus a drink. Try out some new hobbies and activities so you can learn how to enjoy things without alcohol.


Sticking with treatment is another important factor. If you start skipping your meetings or slide back into old habits, you might find yourself reaching for a drink again. There are a number of Ambrosia addiction treatment centers that can make treatment a seamless part of your lifestyle. The dedicated staff is on hand to answer questions, support your efforts and integrate proven methods of treatment that work with your goals and lifestyle.


Managing your emotions and mood is also of utmost importance. Without the buffer that alcohol provides, you may find yourself depressed, irritable or angry. Get help with these feelings so you can live the life you want without having to use alcohol to dull your emotions. Addiction treatment can help, but you can also seek out a mental health professional that will teach you effective ways to manage how quitting makes you feel.


It’s also vital to take better care of yourself. That means getting enough sleep each night, limiting stressful events and eating a well-balanced diet. These practices combine to help you feel healthy and well so that you don’t feel such a heightened need for alcohol. Being under a lot of stress, fatigue and junk food are things that make some people feel like drinking. If that’s the case with you, overhauling these areas of your lifestyle can help.

Support Network

Finally, it’s a good idea to surround yourself with a support network that want to see you succeed. That might mean leaving some of your drinking buddies behind. Instead, spend time with friends and family who won’t pressure you to drink and will encourage you to stick with your treatment program so you can reach your goals.

Call to Action

Alcoholism is the fifth leading cause of early death worldwide, so getting help and learning how to overcome your specific hurdles is a necessary part of recovery.

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– Matthew 7:7-8

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