Facts a little off.

Your “facts” are a little off here in your reference to A.A.

First, A.A. is not for drugs, it is for alcohol only. Alcoholics Anonymous has no opinion on drugs or addiction.

In A.A. meetings, we are having to weed out the druggies and send them to Narcotics Anonymous.

I am an alcoholic and have studied alcoholism for many years. I have no doubt there is something different in my body once I take a drink. I do not believe it is a “disease”. I believe it is a form of mental illness.

Once i took that first drink, I couldn’t stop. I had a choice to smoke a joint or not. There was no choice with the drink.

WOW !!!!!!

by: Anonymous

Dude u need to get a clue !!!!! What u said made absolutely no sense at all. “Druggies”, I’m not a “druggie”, I’m a child of God and u r the one who has been misinformed!!!

People use this page for help and other supporting ways not to hear someone’s unprofessional opinion and worldly thoughts.

May GOD be with u !!!!!!! Amen

AA Cares for non-Alcoholics

by: Ned Wicker

One of the Alcoholics Anonymous co-founders, Bill W., addressed the problem of non-alcoholics in the AA ranks and wrote the booklet “Problems Other Than Alcohol.”

He writes about the first “special purpose” group formed in 1938. He realized that non-alcoholics did not fit in well with the regular membership. Bill W. wrote that non-alcoholics should be able to attend open AA meetings, but groups of non-alcoholics should refrain from using AA as their identification.

AA encourages them to band together in those other groups, but not call themselves AA. Many alcoholics, Bill wrote, have made significant contributions in the field of drug addiction, mainly because the traditions, the 12 Step and the philosophy of the organization is so powerful.

As for alcoholism being a choice, I believe science takes an opposite point of view. If you cannot quit, you have no choice. I suppose there are plenty of opinions on that.

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