Getting clean off heroin

by michelle

(parker, az)

My 21 year old nephew confronted his family that he has been smoking heroine for 5 months and wants to get clean.

He says he tried to get clean on his own and just went back to the drug. I, his aunt, brought him to my home, where he will be away from the environment for the time being. He was also given Suboxone to help with the detox.

The Suboxone was not prescribed but given by a recovering addict. I have 10 pills, and I am giving him 1/2 to 1 pill a day.

What happens when I run out, am I prolonging the detox? I’ve been an addict of meth, and have been clean for 10 years, I went cold turkey with the help of my family, but Heroin scares me to death, I’ve heard detox can kill as bad as the drug.

Bad Idea

by: Ned Wicker

I appreciate you wanting to help your nephew. It was a good idea to get him out of the drug environment, but a very bad idea to give him medication that was not prescribed for him and not ordered under a phicician’s care. Suboxone can be as bad as heroin if not worse. It should not be taken unless supervised by a doctor and for not more than a very limited time.

A recovering addict is not a doctor. In this case he’s just a drug dealer. Your nephew needs to see a doctor, get an assessment as to his overall health and get into a proper treatment regimine.

Suboxone is not asprin and the likelihood of your nephew abusing it is greatly enhanced by this action. You need to get the ship in the right direction here.

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