My boyfriend might be using again?

by Sad girlfriend

(Puerto Rico)

Ok, my boyfriend in the past used cocaine, cigarettes and alcohol. He was clean for one year but recently he had some beers i was angry and he said it won’t happen again.

Two weeks later for Christmas he had a couple of beers when we got home i gave him a kiss and noticed that my mouth felt numb i remember what he had told how cocaine makes your mouth feel numb and i searched his pockets the same time that’s when i saw a small bag of white powder.

Now, mind you, I have never seen this drug or done it before but i watch TV. I asked him and he told me it was cocaine. I cried for about an hour because I don’t know what to do. He said he would not do it again.

Now here we are today he steps out the house and when he comes back he smells of a smoke factory at first he was like I didn’t smoke but then confessed to having a cigarette… I don’t know what to do?

He has never had help only, the church. When he goes he’s great but when he misses a week that’s it… From very sad girlfriend.

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