Help me save my sister!!!

by Pamela

( Clarksburg, West Virgina, US)

I also have an older sister who is addicted to drugs. She has lost everything including her child. She is going to die if we don’t step in and find someone to help us help her.

She is only about 100lbs now she is 37 and doesn’t think she needs any help the whole family is in agreement with this. We just don’t know where to turn, or who to contact.

I told her a few yrs ago I was gonna call the intervention on her and she said what for i don’t have a drug problem and got mad at me. I don’t care if she ever talks to me again as long as i can help her i will do anything.

She is stealing from everyone she knows, she lies to get drugs or money for drugs we don’t hear from her for weeks at a time, she is staying from place to place with her drug dealers.

Someone help us please…plz!!! We are loosing precious time with her and are at a stand still, she has been in jail for selling, quit for 3 months, then started right back up, now it’s worse than ever.

She is addicted to Xanax, Subutex, Diet Pills, caffeine pills, Suboxone, bath salt, pain pills and many more I’m sure.

The bath salt is taking her down fast she will go hrs away to get it and drive home all messed up. She has the craziest look in her eyes anymore, when u can get her to look u in the face.

She says she has lost everything and has nothing else to loose. We need some serious help here. I live in West Virginia, and hope someone will see this and help me and my family get my big sister back!

We lost our father in August 2000, she went down hill from there. I’m glad he isn’t here to see her, but she is slowing taking a piece of everyone else down with her day by day.

Her nieces, nephews and her own child know what she is doing and she still continues to use.

She snorts and i think shoots up these meds. She is killing herself and making everyone else think its our fault she is like this.

I don’t no where else to turn. I’m lost and feel like I’m standing over her, trying to wake her up and realize what she is doing to herself and everyone else, but she won’t wake up, and I feel one day, I will be standing over her trying to wake her and she will be gone.

I’m trying everything in me to prevent that, to stop her before she is gone for good, but I feel like I’m fighting a loosing battle.

How do you help someone who doesn’t want to help themselves?

Please help my family, if you no of anyone who can plz email me and ill send you my number or my mothers number we are begging anyone out there to hear our crys for help before its too late!!!

Thank you!

Family Power Needed

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Pamela,

Get the family together and agree that you are going to take action, as a family unit, to save your sister. Everybody has to be on the same page. Call a local treatment center and ask them for guidance.

An intervention can be a healing experience for the entire group, but you have to have a treatment center in waiting to accept her, so a professional person is needed to orchestrate all of the details.

Our colleague Joe Herzanek is a good resource. He can be reached at 303-775-649. At the very least he can counsel you, but I do encourage you to make the call to the treatment center.

Your sister will fight this, because she is in complete denial and is unaware that she is running to her death. Stay strong, get professional help and let God do the rest.

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