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Nar Anon, Drug Help Hotline, Rehab

by: Anonymous

You need to find a Nar Anon group for yourself, and a rehab for your son. Nar Anon is a support group where in you will learn to better deal with your son–by first dealing with yourself.

The best way to find a program is go online and do a search for your area—there are usually free rehab options with some residential capacity. Many churches have drug rehab programs.

The hardest thing is to stop enabling your addict.
He will not stop using unless he wants to–nothing you do or say for him is going to make a difference. Until he hits rock bottom he most likely will not quit using.
Also check the web for a drug HELP hotline for your area. You can talk to someone right away

suboxone is the drug to get off oxy

by: Anonymous

I have a 32 old girlfriend who is in the same situation except we are in Canada. It seems like an endless cycle just to make it through the day. Suboxone is the best drug out there for detox. They can’t get high on it and there are plenty of doctors across the US that will administer it athough expensive. About 500 a month.

sad but true

by: Anonymous

you sound like you’re on drugs too- get help for yourself first and then worry about your son.

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