Hemophiliac who is addicted to heroin?

by Lisa

Do you have any information for that I could pass on to a hemophiliac who is addicted to heroin?

Looking specifically at the relationship between chronic illness and drug abuse, and treatment with this specific dynamic in mind.

Serious Health Concerns

by: Ned Wicker

The hemophilia is enough to get my attention, as that can make life very challenging. Add to that the disease of heroin addiction and you have the prescription for devistating health issues.

First things first. Before doctors can deal with the hemophilia, they must deal with the drug addiction, and so getting off the heroin is critical. The individual needs to go through treatment and be a part of a good recovery program. Then the other medical issues can be addressed.

I once worked in an intensive care unit and about three quarters of our patients had addiction issues. The addiction had to be addressed first, then the medical condition. I would highly recommend a visit to the doctor for a full workup and assessment.


by: Lynette

Dear Lisa,

I think it is great that you are reaching out for help. I totally agree with Ned’s comments.

I really could not find anything on the internet regarding being a hemophiliac and also a heroin addict.

You should definitely speak to a medical doctor about it.

Also, to get help for yourself I highly recommend that you attend Al Anon meetings. They are for friends and family of alcoholics and drug addicts. I go to them because my son has been addicted to many drugs and alcohol and the meetings have helped me immensely.

Good luck and I’ll pray for you.-Lynette

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