by dodyudia

(Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Hi how are you all? I am a former drug addict and the drugs for 2 years. At that time I experienced many psychic and economic difficulties and sometimes did some minor criminal acts.

Until one day, I met a friend who brought me to a traditional herbal healers who gave me herbal therapy for 3 months until I am healed.
Remarkably, herbal medicine given to me does not forbid me to consume narcotics and drugs (addiction treatment and walking together), but after 1 month of undergoing drug therapy and drug craving and decreased body condition experienced some significant improvements. Finally, after I underwent 3 months of therapy I was declared cured.

Right now I can focus back to work and earn an income, so the farther I leave my neighborhood who used to bring me into the world of narcotics and drugs. I just wanted to invite all the friends who read this story will want to follow my steps to try to recover from addiction to narcotics and illegal drugs.

Do not get caught !!!




That doctrine which is known in Indonesia and even the medical world around the world, which means the drugs can not be cured except by drugs. Approximately this explanation, that the patient’s drug dependence is very difficult to cure or treat except using drugs as well, in this case the substitution as a cure.

I have to say here that it’s not entirely true or not true. HERBAL Team, through ongoing research has found an answer on the subject of drug addiction since the last years.

Armed with the experience of each team personnel, we made up my mind and thoughts to convey this message to the world that DRUG DEPENDENCE be treated and cured with herbal products from aquatic mammal with HERBAL ANTI NARCOTICS name, and the span of time required to recover a relatively very short. for details, please contact.

Along the way, we were given the opportunity by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) to cooperate in terms of proving the truth of these findings with NGOs that deal with addiction and drug abuse in the Makassar Foundation Care Group of Narcotics and Drug Abuse Drugs (YKP2N).

During the process of proving the benefits HERBAL ANTI NARCOTICS in its function as a cure of drug dependence, we accompanied and supervised by a physician and a psychiatrist (psychologist) in dealing with drug users. Here we tell from the little experience that we noted in the proof of drug treatment in Makassar YPK2N starting from October 17, s / d December 2, 2010.

The method is very simple to do, namely drug users were given therapeutic treatment using Herbal HERBAL ANTI NARCOTICS without having to stop taking drugs by force. This therapy is performed on eleven users.

Therapy is divided into 2 (two) groups:

1. Groups who use the drug without methadone substitution

2. Groups who use the drug with methadone substitution.

Of each group is further divided into 3 (three) types of users, namely:

1. users putaw

2. ecstasy users

3. Methadone Users / user mix

Implemented prior to therapy, performed prior Inform Consent. History of drug users recorded by carefully covering when to start using drugs, recreational drugs and therapies that ever lived.

Performed a physical examination by a physician include Vital Sign and other diseases that may accompany it include HIV / Aids, Hepatitis, Sexually Transmitted Disease and others.

Laboratory examination is to test blood used (ie CD4) and urine tests (to detect the type of drug used), and other laboratory tests when needed.

Drug users also tested by a psychologist with the psychological condition of predetermined criteria, and the companion rate by using the IRA.

Drug users at follow-up every day by the companion and examination by a doctor every week or when needed. And the result they gradually stop taking the drug because it loses its effect as compared with Herbs HERBAL ANTI NARCOTICS.

The results of treatment performed on 11 (eleven) people treated almost entirely free from any kind of drug dependence, and some have participated in this program in just over 1 (one) month only.
The conclusion we can draw from the evidence are :

1. Herbal HERBAL ANTI NARCOTICS treating various drug cases with more humane because without the need to be isolated.

2. With Herbal HERBAL ANTI NARCOTICS, drug addiction sufferers do not have to be forced to stop taking drugs, but by itself will stop because its effect is replaced by herbal HERBAL ANTI NARCOTICS, just need the will to quit.

3. Herbal HERBAL ANTI NARCOTICS able to relieve the conditions experienced by addicted drug users.

4. For users of drugs other than methadone types, Herbal reaction HERBAL ANTI NARCOTICS will work faster.

5. Several other effects can be felt with the Chapter to be normal, increased weight, normal sleep patterns, feeling aches that felt lost and some HIV positive people with no increase in his CD4 cell count.

6. Herbal HERBAL ANTI NARCOTICS not a substitution therapy, because patients can stop taking the herbal dependence if it feels it has healed.

The advantages of therapy with a drug dependence treatment HERBAL ANTI NARCOTICS Herbs include: relatively short treatment time, the cost is affordable, effective treatment success, and can be done alone at home without having to be isolated.

Finally, after learning about it what else you are waiting, to convey to the relatives, friends or colleagues who need this information, to be cured for a brighter future and better, for details, please contact me at my blog at http://stopnarcotics.blogspot.com/

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