Heroin addiction

by Kelly

(United Kingdom)

My boyfriend tested positive for heroin with a home drug test. He blamed the test being positive by taking paracetamol and ibruprofen, is this correct?

I brought home drug testing kits as he admitted to using heroin 2 weeks ago and about 3 months ago. He’s had an addiction for about 8 years. Should i believe him?

Sorry to hear this !!

by: Anonymous

Hey Kelly if you believe him then i got some bad news for you, you are enabling him!!! I know it hurts and you wanna believe him but i was in his same spot for years with my wife and family.

I lied through my teeth even when i was caught red handed. I wasn’t done with heroin/oxy until it had whipped me up one side the street and down the other as well as becoming homeless !!!! I was a school teacher if u can believe that but God ripped me up by my boots and said you ain’t going down like this.

The road had been tough with a lot of relapses but i get stronger with each relapse. You need to give your man an ultimatum of get help or get out !!!! simple as that cus is he really paying bills or does he ever have any money ? I would be willing to bet NO !!!

You need to worry about yourself and put yourself around healthy people. I betcha u will hear the same thing if u ask them the same question. All to familiar situation will bad results if you don’t address it. It can and will get better with help. Good luck and God bless you.

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