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Apr 12, 2012
Crack Cocaine Addiction helps to explain why cocaine is SO addictive and what to do to get into recovery for that addiction…Permalink — click for full blog post “Crack Cocaine Addiction”Apr 12, 2012
Over the Counter Drug Abuse — Prescribed Addiction? Are doctors causing the problem?Permalink — click for full blog post “Over the Counter Drug Abuse”Apr 12, 2012
I am not an addict but I am a student who needs help with this question: If Klonopin is being taken illegally how can you tell if someone is addicted inPermalink — click for full blog post “What is Klonopin?”Apr 11, 2012
No matter what I’ve tried to do she won’t stop using …. Neglects her kids . Sneaks out of the house when kids r sleeping … Having sex with multiplePermalink — click for full blog post “Methamphetamine addicted girlfriend?”Apr 11, 2012
I am the parent of a 25 year old adult male that has a drug addition problem. He lives with my ex-husband. He is currently seeing a doctor to get suboxonePermalink — click for full blog post “Son has drug addiction problem?”Apr 10, 2012
The key to dealing with drug addiction is the right information. If you’ve ever wondered how drug addition impacts your life this site is for you. Permalink — click for full blog post “Drug Addiction — Moving Into Recovery “Apr 10, 2012
Hidden Addiction, his wife is going through severe alcohol withdrawal and he reaction is…I have never seen her drink…I do not understand how this could happen…I mean, she doesn’t drinkPermalink — click for full blog post “Hidden Addiction”Apr 9, 2012
Will an Arizona doctor prescribe bipolar medication to an ex-drug addictPermalink — click for full blog post “Bipolar medication”Apr 9, 2012
I am currently working on publishing a paper, based on the initiation of Drug Courts. My question for you is, which I may have over looked on your website,Permalink — click for full blog post “Looking for good program?”Apr 9, 2012
I’m scared to look at my once pretty face because I know I’ll see the monster I act like. My brother died in a car accident in October, I watched my bestPermalink — click for full blog post “I’m only 13 and I’m scared,”Apr 9, 2012
Hard to believe isn’t it? I come from a wealthy loving home. I was a cheerleader, but what cheer do i have left now? I started using after my older brother/bestPermalink — click for full blog post “Broken dreams at thirteen”Apr 9, 2012
I do cocaine once a week and am not able to stop and I don’t ask my wife to help when I have withdrawals. She is powerless and feels I will take myselfPermalink — click for full blog post “Can’t stop using cocaine?”Apr 7, 2012
You can’t get away from them. Prescription drugs are all over the television, every channel is filled with ads for pills; pills that will make our lives better. Permalink — click for full blog post “Prescription Drugs: Doctor prescribed addiction?”Apr 7, 2012
I love my dogs and recommend getting your pet supplies at Petsmart deals and coupons.Permalink — click for full blog post “Petsmart deals and coupons”Apr 5, 2012
I am having a hard time with my girlfriend and her recovering from heroin addiction, will it ever end? She has been taking Suboxone for the last 7 weeks,Permalink — click for full blog post “Dealing with girlfriend recovering addict?”Apr 4, 2012
How do we get help for our son? He’s done heroin, pain killers, lost his job and steals from family members. I, as his mother, have seen as much as I can.Permalink — click for full blog post “Son steals, does drugs parents need help”Apr 3, 2012
Drug Addiction Health decribes the major health concerns caused by addiction…Permalink — click for full blog post “Drug Addiction Health”Apr 3, 2012
I continued analysis work as an adult, becoming the chairman of a laboratory for over 8 years, and was a professional thought-leader in the nutritionalPermalink — click for full blog post “New Hope with Cocaine Addiction: A True Story Part 2”Apr 3, 2012
I think my fiance has a addiction to alcohol an percs. 6 yrs ago he was diagnosed w/ fibromyalgia an his DR prescribed percs 5/325 then after a few yrsPermalink — click for full blog post “Think fiance is an addict?”Apr 3, 2012
My husband’s mother is an alcoholic. The family has tried several different interventions throughout the years… nothing has worked with any sustainablePermalink — click for full blog post “Explaining an alcoholic grandparent to children”Apr 2, 2012
Drug Addiction Anxiety More and more people are falling prey to the use of illicit drugs. They find it the easiest way to cope with unpleasant feelings and events.Permalink — click for full blog post “Drug Addiction Anxiety”Apr 2, 2012
Tax Time consider becoming a certified tax preparer and help your friends save money and help yourself at the same time.Permalink — click for full blog post “Tax Time”Apr 2, 2012
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