Broken dreams at thirteen


Broken dreams at thirteen

by Christi

(Liverpool, England)

Hard to believe isn’t it? I come from a wealthy loving home. I was a cheerleader, but what cheer do i have left now? I started using after my older brother/best friend was killed in a car accident.

You would think that a little something to take the edge off wouldn’t hurt anyone, right? Peer pressure and a little morphine could turn the prettiest most popular girl into me!

A few weeks ago i had sex with a junior in high school for 100 pounds. Addiction turned me in to a whore. I’m 13. Wow. Wasn’t that a happy little story? Right now I’m in rehab and recovering slowly. But I feel a lot better and all i had to do was talk. I talked to my mum she cried a lot then called a treatment centre.

Drugs started out cool then turned into your worst nightmare. As the wise man once said, “the road to hell was paved with good intentions”. That’s the case with morphine a painkiller used for “fun” turned into a fatal chemical.

All i feel like saying is don’t turn to drugs to take your mind off your pain because it ends up hurting a lot more then it did before.

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