Can’t afford rehab?

by Catalina

We can’t afford rehab and he’s at a point where he wants help and if we don’t give it to him, it will be the end of it.

I’m desperate and don’t know what to do!

Please help!

Help and Support Available

by: Ned Wicker

There are some options for you to consider. Let’s start with the easiest ways of getting help and support. Alcoholics Anonymous is right at the top, as it is comprised of people who are going down that same path, fighting addiction and alcoholism. Meetings are everywhere.

For the family, Al-Anon is excellent. You can go to free clinics, or to a local hospital and ask for help. Any of these organizations can offer alternatives.

Your willingness to receive the help and support is key to your being successful. I wish you all the best and God’s care in your search.

Use Insurance for Drug Rehab

by: Recovery Resource

I felt the need to comment on this blog. Most people struggling with addiction don’t have limitless resources to get themselves help.

Health insurance can be an excellent tool for people to take advantage of to get good addiction treatment or drug rehab while also minimizing the cost.

A few professionals in the industry got together to put together a free service that can be used by people to help them better understand how their benefits can be applied to drug rehab, alcohol rehab, drug detox, alcohol detox, or any type of addiction treatment.

Feel free to make use of our free service and feel free to pass the word along. We really want to help!

Recovery Resource

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