My partner recovering from Valium addiction?

by Sally


My partner has a Valium addiction and is currently receiving help, I’m really struggling to understand and help him, is there a support group for partners of Valium addiction?

My partner…

by: Lynette


HI Sally,

I’m sorry to hear about your partner’s addiction but I am glad to here that they are getting help.

I highly recommend that you attend an Al Anon meeting-they are for friends and family of alcoholics and drug addicts. My son has had a lot of trouble with substance abuse. The meetings help me A LOT! There you will meet others in the same or similar situation as yourself.

Also, I get as much support as I can: from my minister, a counselor and my physician’s assistant.


I know from experience how painful it is to have someone you love who is addicted to something harmful. I will say a prayer for you are your partner. I am glad you are seeking help for yourself – it is the right and the smart thing to do. Sincerely, Lynette

Valium is from hell

by: Anonymous

I do not know of any special support group for the above. If this person is attending 12 Step groups that will be very helpful for THEM. I could go on for hours from here because I don’t have much detail to go on. I can tell you this much though, Valium is an extremely difficult drug to detox off of. Once this person has a few weeks of ‘sobriety’ pray that they don’t go back.

I’ve detoxed off of it myself. I recommend that my clients (family members) attend 12 Step groups just to hear the others talk about recovery. Much can be learned from doing this.
Best, Joe

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