Torn Up Over a Young Lady

by James

my life is is so ,,??????

torn up over the young lady that I have cared for just under 10 years ,,

very long story ,,

lost her kids that I was so in love with ,,

she is on drugs so bad,,

that it would take a book to tell all ,,

in fact I started to write a book,,

but as I really got into a good star ,,

It goes so far that it is repeating itself ,,

things that has went into it have been stealing, demanding money as if she were part of what I should do,thousands of dollars ,,

my savings is all gone,,

My fault though just trying to keep her from the streets ,,

but now I have nothing except weekly pay checks and a home to live in ,,

no remorse from her if I have bills to pay ,,

I am just barely holding my head above water ,,

If any one is interested I would gladly try and share some of my story ,,

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