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The best Alcoholic Help is AA and the 12 Steps!“We admitted that we were powerless over our alcoholism –that our lives had become unmanageable.” That may sound trite, but there are two very important points for the person affected in that statement, that, (1) we are out of control and, (2) our lives are unmanageable.

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Most people who are alcoholics know about AA but refuse to go. Many because of fear or because they think they don’t need it.I see people come and go from the treatment center every week. Some are seeking help after a repeat bout with the disease, while others are obviously there because someone else has either encouraged them or pestered them enough to force an action. Sometimes a person is there because of a court order. Those who have had a relapse may be discouraged or angry with themselves, but they are participating because they agree with Step 1. People who are not in agreement with that initial realization will most often say it’s the other person’s problem. If they are there by court order, they are often pretty angry about it. People who are either abusing alcohol or are in the grip of alcoholism may completely deny their problem, and when they enter treatment it’s with “kicking and screaming” and not their own idea.Why is treatment for alcoholism needed? Why do you need treatment? Think about this info as you make your own decision. If someone who has a disease decides to quit on their own, they stand about a four percent chance of staying sober for a year. If that same person were to go through treatment, their chances of staying sober for the following year will increase to 50 percent. If a person goes through Alcoholic Help, accepts weekly aftercare and regularly participates in an Alcoholic Help meeting, their chances of staying sober for the next year increase to 90 percent. You can see that treatment and maintenance are effective. But it doesn’t stop there.Alcoholism and/or drug addiction is not curable.Currently, there is no medical cure for alcoholism. It’s important to understand this. The disease of alcoholism needs to be managed. People need a plan. Alcoholic Help programs for alcohol abuse and alcoholism are varied, but we’ll give you an initial look at some of them. The treatment option that is right for you, or someone you love, is best outlined by a professional and we encourage you to seek help. The professional counselor or therapist is well equipped to map out the right strategy for the individual. Correct diagnosis imperative for Alcoholic HelpLike any disease, there needs to be a correct diagnosis, followed by a treatment plan. That initial assessment may lead to a stay in a residential treatment center, or outpatient treatment, or participation in an AA group. In any case, it is important to tailor make the best possible program. The program will be determined largely by an individual’s battle with the disease. What is the level of alcohol dependence? Let’s say, for example, that a person is functioning well in life and they can demonstrate a level of control over their drinking, some minor intervention to assist in giving the person tools to help control the disease may be sufficient. However, if a person is farther down the path and they are not in control, that option is not going to be effective. They must stop drinking entirely and that will take some work.30% Dropout rate for outpatient treatmentThere is no substantial evidence to suggest that inpatient is better than outpatient for Alcoholic Help, other than there is a 30 percent dropout rate in outpatient people. The dropout rate for inpatient is about 10 percent, so that would suggest an edge to inpatient treatment. The following page will give you a look at the various types of treatment, and as you pursue options, you may want to consider what each has to offer.In any case, we encourage you to seek help.

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Me responsible is story that describes that denial is families is very harmful to treatment.

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Family matters is story that describes how the entire family must change to overcome alcoholism.

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Read these five pages and learn what you need to know to spot alcoholism in: Yourself… Your Family… Your Friends… Your Community…The rest of the pages are there for your reference to explain important topics in more detail.

Finally don’t miss the Spiritual and 12-step sections to fully explore how understanding THE SPIRIT can lead to recovery!

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