Drug Addiction Health

Drug Addiction Health

Drug Addiction Health

Drug Addiction Health

What are the effects of addiction on health?

If left unchecked, the drug is going to win. Drug abuse is a disease of the brain, and the drugs change brain chemistry, which results in a change in behavior.

Aside from the obvious behavioral consequences of addiction, the negative effects on a person’s health are potentially devastating.

While addicts use drugs to “feel better,” the unintended consequences include but are not limited to overdose, HIV/AIDS, stroke, cardiovascular disease and a host of related maladies.Drug addiction health effects are negative and varied. For example here are the drug addiction health effects of heroin:

Heroin is a central nervous system depressant that gives the user a “rush,” an intense feeling of pleasure, euphoria.

– The user feels a warm flush to the skin. The user’s arms and legs feel heavy, and relaxed.

– Dry mouth is common.

– Users may feel sleepy one moment and be wide awake another.

– The central nervous system is depressed under heroin, and mental functions slow down.

These are all short-term effects.

Long-term, abuse and heroin drug addiction can lead to:

– Collapsed veins.

– Serious, unseen problems can occur, such as heart problems, infections of the heart lining and valves.

– Cellulite and liver disease can develop, as well as pulmonary disease.

– Addicts who are in poor health are in jeopardy of contracting pneumonia, as heroin depresses the respiratory system.

Users develop a tolerance to heroin and that leads to abuse and heroin drug addiction. Abusers need more and more heroin to get the same “rush” and as the amount of heroin needed grows, the dependence on the drug takes hold.

Addicts need the drug because their bodies become used to the drug being present, as if it were supposed to be there in order for everything to function.

HIFU a new less-invasive treatment for prostate cancer

No one currently knows all of the causes of cancer but drug and alcohol abuse seem to be a likely causes of many cancers including prostate cancer. Anytime a less invasive option for treatment becomes available those suffering from drug/alcohol abuse issues should, in-conjunction with their doctors, strong consider using it.

HIFU is high frequency ultra-sound This new treatment involves minimally invasive HIFU(High-Frequency Ultrasound). In layman’s terms, they use sound waves to attack the tumor and destroy it. This may avoid having to remove the prostate and all of the complications that may cause.

There are a huge number of issues to be considered before ANY treatment is chosen, but for those struggling with alcohol issues this is an option that working closely with your doctor should be considered.

This treatment is only useful for those who have localized cancer or for those who have already tried other treatments but the cancer has returned.

I’m not a doctor but I did want to make you aware of this new treatment so you can work with your doctor to decide if it’s the right treatment for you.

Too get the complete information about this treatment option please visit:

HIFU prostate cancer for more specific and complete information.

What are cocaine drug addiction health effects?

Users who chose to snort the drug, often develop nasal congestion and damage the mucous membrane of the nose and have bleeding cartilage. Users coming down from a cocaine high might get depressed, or experience insomnia. Common for cocaine users is a decrease in appetite, accompanied by weight loss.

Use of cocaine causes blood vessels to constrict, leading to an increase in blood pressure, heart rate and heart attacks are common. Cocaine can lead to irregular heart beat, lung disease and irreversible brain damage.

Body temperature and blood sugar rise. Respiratory failure, strokes and seizures are also possibilities. In rare cases, first time users have been known to die from the effects of the drug. Cocaine drug addiction also contributes to dramatic changes in behavior, as some users are known to display bizarre actions, or become violent.

Cocaine users have been known to contract HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. Blurred vision is a common side effect. Women users are susceptible to miscarriage, or if they carry to term, serious birth defects often occur.

Cocaine drug addiction and Alcohol: A dangerous mix

When cocaine and alcohol are used together, another dangerous physical situation occurs. According to National Institute on Drug Abuse research: the liver combines cocaine and alcohol, producing a new substance, cocathylene.

This third player intensifies the high, but at the same time increases the risk of sudden death.

Drug addiction health effects are always negative and often deadly!

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