My brother who is 19 years old start taking drugs?

by Sanchita

Hi there,

I am very upset and my family is too, the thing is that my brother who is 19 years old start taking drugs. Many times my parents try to get him to confess what drug he is taking and why. But he not tell us anything. We all beg him to stop, but unfortunately we can’t stop him and day by day his condition is becoming worse .

My Parents are dying because of seeing their son’s worsening condition. Please help me and it’s really urgent for my family member’s life.

I will be really thankful to you and your organisation if i will get solution of it by your help.

Waiting for urgent reply,


Your brother has a brain disease

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Sanchita,

Your brother has a brain disease and that affects his decision making ability. He is developing a substance use disorder, so he will deny that he has a problem and probably blame everything on you and your parents.

He may someday realize that he has a problem, an addiction, but he will be the last one to admit it. It is very heart-breaking for you, but you can take action, along with your parents.

You are not alone. Millions of families have a similar problem, and that is why Al-anon exists. Their members can give you emotional support and guidance on what to do. They understand and they know how to help.

A common problem that parents have is the love their sons too much. They don’t want to set rules, boundaries and limitations because they fear their son will leave and cut them out of his life. Because they are afraid, they go along with their son.

The son controls everything. He will lie to them, steal from them and treat them very badly. He has a disease that takes over his life. He is out of control and can’t stop his bad behavior.

This is very emotional and difficult for your parents, so maybe you can take charge and make the call to Al-anon. It is not uncommon for people to resist any help, because they are too worried about their son. They need to allow others to help them.

You can talk to treatment centers in your community and get their advice. Understand that your brother does not want to tell you anything. The disease he has wants to be fed and does not care about anything else.

You need to have a plan to take control away from him and place that control in the hands of professional people who know how to help. He will resist. He will get angry with you. He will blame your parents. But he needs treatment to save his life.

A substance use disorder too often is just another way of committing suicide one high at a time. You need to seek help to stop him.

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