Husband left because of drug addiction?

by Brandi

My husband and i have been together for 10yrs. He recently left our 3 children and me for his drug addiction, he has told his sister that he wishes i would call the cops to come
get him.

His sister and i feel he needs to be in rehab or sober living, we can no longer help him ourselves. I don’t know what else to do for him, i don’t want to lose my husband or my children to lose there father. What do i do, how do i go about doing and intervention on him without him hating me or his sister?

You Need Support

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Brandi,

These are difficult days for you and you need support from people who know your situation and understand what you are experiencing.

Al-anon is designed for wives just like you, who want to know how to deal with their husband’s addiction.

It sounds like he has completely lost all control of his life and the disease has consumed him. He has to get high, he has to do the drugs. They own him, he has no choice. He needs to be in treatment and there is hope, but you first must get some counsel on how to get him there.

Al-anon can help. You can call a local treatment center. If you need some immediate support, our associate Joe Herzanek is a counselor and available over the phone at 303-775-6493.

Try Al-anon first. There is hope so hang in there.

He will not hate you if he gets sober.

by: Judy

I hear this over and over again from women who “have been there” and also addicts/alcoholics who “have been there” that when they get sober, they will thank you….not hate you.

There is a lot of support at this group if you want to pose the same concern to the members. Ask to join and one of us will sign you in:

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