Sons injecting drugs

by Judy


My 2 sons 31/32 have struggled with addiction for 10 years and have been injecting for 6 years?

Right now they are into the bath salts. 1 ended up in psych ward for 2 weeks. The other has called the police 3 times because he is paranoid and thinks someone is after him. The police call us we go pick him up.

They won’t stop, one son just lost a 80.000 a year job because he was acting crazy at work.

Rehab after rehab I have lost count. They blame each other. It’s a I hate my brother but we love to do drugs therefore they share sources….I cannot even explain this nonsense as I’m writing I can’t believe it.

I’ve let it consume 10 years of my life. 1 son is disabled( drugs of course) last night I spent watching my son tear his house apart until finally taking 5 Xanax to knock him out, he hadn’t slept in 3 days and worked nights.

He is skin and bones and looks 80.. Cops won’t take them, hospital says their not “bad” enough for help.

They threaten suicide often and are doing little by little daily…36 track marks I counted yesterday. One son has hep c and hasn’t had treatment.

They are sucking the life out of me. I avoid friends, family cause it’s embarrassing I cannot help them. I’ve written to Dr. Phil countless times as he’s never had this bad of addicts ever!

My prayer is for them to go into a year or so program ,or they will die.

Thank you

Difficult Dilemma

by: Ned Wicker

Dear Judy,
Your sons made the decision to do the drugs and as a result, their ability to make decisions was crippled. It sounds like the disease is well advanced in both of them.

If they refuse to go into treatment, and if the authorities do not believe they are a threat to themselves or to others, there may not be a lot you can do to force the treatment issue on them. You can, however, make decisions for your self.

Your sons have ruined their lives and they are ruining yours…and you allow this. You are going to have to draw the line at some point, as it sounds like you are a part of the problem because you take it from them.

Call Al-Anon and get some help from them. They understand and they can guide you. It’s heartbreaking to watch people you love kill themselves, but you need to take care of yourself and make sure you’re healthy.

Save yourself

by: Oprah

Tell them to get lost!!! Take your life back. If you don’t, your just as guilty as them.

Thank you

by: Judy

Thank you for the truthful response. It is easier said then done but makes me feel better to realize it’s ok for me to let them go. It’s not only ok but is necessary for my well being.

Treatment centers are only interested in money. That is the first question they ask. If I had a mountain dew addiction they would have a bed and a plan for me tomorrow….if I had good insurance. If I had a needle full of dope in me and a knife to my throat they would tell me they are sorry but they can’t help me because I have no insurance. It really is a racket in this society. Thank God they only have a drug addiction. If they had cancer I would get the same response.

Any other encouraging words for me are appreciated.

Judy ( the mother of 2 drug addicts )

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