Petsmart deals and coupons

Petsmart deals and coupons

I love my dogs!

One thing you should probably know about me is that I love dogs and cats. Right now I have two dogs Abby and Duffy. We adopted both from our local shelter and their previous owners had abused both. Prior to that we had a dog Moose who was SO cute but developed a brain tumor just exactly a year ago and sadly died within a month of diagnosis.

Moose was only eight years old and we’d only had him for five years, so needless to say we were very sad because of the diagnosis. He was a very easy dog to have and we took him everywhere with no lease. I coach JV baseball and Moose would go and watch with no trouble. He was a great dog!

Puppy training never easy!

After Moose died we decided to get another dog so we adopted a pure-bred black lab puppy that we named Abby. She was so scared that she couldn’t stand up when we got her and she was afraid of everything. After a few weeks of TLC she was much better but I decided she would like to have another dog to play with. That’s when we got Duffy, the house has not been the same since!

Duffy was aggressive and scared of us all at the same time. He ran around the house constantly and was rarely relaxed and quiet. He chewed about 10 pairs of shoes and anything else he could get his teeth on.

We took him to obedience training and he was the best in the class but once class was over forget it…he was awful! But of course, Abby LOVED him and what every trouble Duffy got into Abby matched and it was wild at our house for at least two months. Now both are reasonably well trained but we still have a lot of running, rolling, chewing and jumping but it’s a ton of fun.

Petsmart is great place to shop for you animals!

Because we have two dogs and a cat we buy LOTS of stuff for them. Food, toys, cleaning supplies and miscellaneous other stuff for the health issues that come up. We go to Petsmart because they have all of the specialty stuff right in one store and we use high quality food for our pets to keep them as healthy as possible.

I wanted to let you know about a Petsmart deals and coupons you can use to get discounts on the stuff you need for your pets. Visit

Have fun with your pets!