Heroin… Black death

I am 22 years old and recovering from a very rough 2 year addiction to heroin. I’m not like most addicts, I got addicted hard and quick.

I was shooting up about a gram a day within 6 months. My life went on an endless spiral downwards. I detoxed about every other month but went right back as soon as i was released and went to rehab more then eight times and every time I was released from that, i relapsed immediately as well… I was what most would call a hopeless cause…

Until I met my soul mate, Billy*, he was the light that brought me back to life… I was detoxing for what felt like the thousandth time, nothing different until I met him…

He made me smile, laugh, feel again when i’d numbed myself for so long… i wanted to hold onto that feeling of good forever… i called him the day i was released.

He was out soon after and he was moving 2 states I followed him to where he was going to get away from the drugs and addicts i knew… I’m proud to say, we are about to get married and start a family and I’ve been drug free since!

Love is a Powerful Remedy

by: Ned Wicker

In the 12 Step process, we talk about a power greater than ourselves. I am pleased that you have a friend, a soul mate and that you got out of the drug culture.

Rehab is a great thing, but if you go right back to the old haunts and seeing your old user friends, it’s easy to relapse. Recovery is about rebuilding a new life and it sounds like you are firmly going down that path.

Well done.

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