Heroin didn't beat me!!

by Kerry


I'm Kerry, 41. I left my family to find out the man I left them for was a heroin addict!

We left Bradford and came to Chester for a fresh start where he promised to get better. Instead, he got us living on the streets and I became a tramp, addicted to heroin, but if it wasn't for the heroin I would not have survived. It got me through the rain, the cold the pavement for a bed, the filthiness, the shame, disgusting habits, the tears, but of course THE RATTLE! It was unbearable, I dreaded it to the point of I would rather die than rattle.

We finally got somewhere to stay so I took my first opportunity to get of that horrible stuff and with the fantastic help from the church people I went to a Christian rehab. I only stayed 2 month I couldn't bare being away from Mark, we were in love,, or so I thought.

He got me straight back on it, but I didn't care, it was as if I was addicted to him. We also smoked crack, took sleeping tablets, weed, anything to get by. We got jobs and carried on in our drug bubble.

Finally, he lost his job, relied on me for money until I couldn't do it anymore, I left him and got back off heroin! I haven't had heroin for 4 month and crack for 2 month. He lives on the streets now, begging for money to feed his habit.

I'm now reduced to 2 mg bueprenorfine, subby, and back in touch with my kids and planning to move back home! But I know now it wasn't mark I was addicted to it was the heroin!!!

Thank you ,Kerry!

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Well done!
by: Debbie Wicker

Dear Kerry,

So very glad that you have your life back and that you're able to stay away from drugs and not get taken advantage of any more.

Please consider going to AA or NA for support as you continue your journey away from the street and drugs and back to the way you want to live. Working the 12 steps will help you to stay on the path you've started and also help to overcome some of the negative feelings you may experience.

Good luck,


Addiction is a Mental Disease
by: Rose Martin

It's great that you worked on your addiction problems and defeated the heroin. This is such a powerful drugs that you cannot live without once you are hooked. Only determined people like you can kick the drugs.

Thanks for sharing inspiring story of yours.

Thank you!
by: Kerry

Thank you so much and you're right!!! I don't know why but it's very important for people like us to share our story!! We have took a drug that ends lives,, from the soul it takes you from the inside out!! And we managed to luckily walk away from it!!

It's a fantastic feeling but we all need praise 24/7 because if we don't frequently get told we feel like slipping back as nobody cares so we need the pat on the back,, it's just the way it is,, lol,,but THANKYOU so much for putting my story out there,it will hopefully be inspirational to addicts old and new!! Yours faithfully Kerry xx

By God's Grace
by: An Addict once like u ( Salem )

Amen my sister!!! May God continue to bless your journey. We, I have to remember the pain that using brought. The wishing for death. I wish u the best.

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