Your Questions from 01/11

by Jim

(Oakland CA)

Is there any substance one can take when high on crack cocaine to return quickly to normalcy or does one just have to wait through the withdrawal?

by michelle

(parker, az)

My 21 year old nephew confronted his family that he has been smoking heroine for 5 months and wants to get clean.

He says he tried to get clean on his own and just went back to the drug. I, his aunt, brought him to my home, where he will be away from the environment for the time being. He was also given Suboxone to help with the detox.

The Suboxone was not prescribed but given by a recovering addict. I have 10 pills, and I am giving him 1/2 to 1 pill a day.

What happens when I run out, am I prolonging the detox? I’ve been an addict of meth, and have been clean for 10 years, I went cold turkey with the help of my family, but Heroin scares me to death, I’ve heard detox can kill as bad as the drug.

by Tina


Please help!

I have a 25 yr. old son whom is addicted to heroin. He wants help, but he does not have the insurance or money for a intake treatment.

We live in Miami County, Ohio. There are facilities in neighboring Montgomery County,Ohio. He does not reside there. He has contacted several places only to find he does not meet their requirements.

Any direction you maybe able to give would be great.

Thanks and God Bless You!

by Gary


I want to eventually work voluntary in drug and alcohol abuse but want as much information about about it as possible.

Can you please give me information about this?

by Terri

My niece is in rehab for drug addiction, one being crystal meth.

She has two small children. Could they have been affected by second hand smoke or from being in contact with the sores that were on her?

by Grace

(Secaucus NJ )

I know my 24 year old son is an addict he has stolen money out of my wallet & has stolen hundreds of painkillers from my husband & myself.

My husband had a hip replacement surgery & I had herniated discs pinched nerves & several other problems with my neck.

Although I was taking my medication as prescribed I noticed that my medication was gone after only after a few days my husbands medication was gone also with only a few left. I called this to my husbands attention but he told me I was taking more medication but I knew it was my son who heard my husband blame me for taking all 200 percocet along with 150 vicodin.

My son sat & listened to my husband reprimand me, he never said a word but I told my husband in private that it was our son who took the pills of course my son denied it & my husband believed him.

A month later my son said admitted to taking the pills then my son started smoking pot on a steady basis his father was okay with it but I was not.

4 months ago I saw signs of my sons drug addiction I brought it to my husbands attention but my son denies being addicted & my husband believes him.

Therefore my 24 year son is always in his room stoned does not shower lost his girlfriend as well as his regular friends goes out to pick up drugs. I guess drug addicts come to my door for payment.

In all these problems my husband is in complete denial believes whatever my son says my husband & I constantly argue about this he refuses to believe his son is a drug addict & does not think he belongs in rehab.

So now my husband is leaving me & he is taking our son with him, my sons drug addiction is breaking up my marriage. I know we will be divorced because of my sons drug addiction & my husbands denial of our sons addiction please help me I cannot understand this?

by shell


I have been abusing speed for a long time. Originally it was used occasionally for parties but over the years and 3 kids college work and housework I live off it day to day now.

I can get so much done, and for the last couple months and my relationship breakdown I can’t stop taking it. It was one of the many factors why we splIt up, and I haven’t slept really at all, the odd hour or two a night.

I need help I’ve got no family around me or friends to help me or that I can talk to or tell, yet if I don’t keep doing it I cant keep on top of everything.

Tonight I thought I was having a heart attack which then became a panic attack. I tell myself now I have give up, won’t touch it again as I was so scared and still am…..yet come midday I will feel the need to take so I can get on with the rest of the day.

What do I do I am desperate for help in some form please!

by John


What drugs do people usually start with before heroin?

by ron


What are the conclusion of drug addiction project?

by Stephanie

My partner is addicted to methadone. He is currently starting at a methadone clinic. I need support.

But when I read things about Al-Anon it always seems to be focused on alcoholism–is it a good place for me to go for support and get myself healthy?

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