Hidden Secrets of the Addict

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Hidden Secrets of the Addict

by Teresa Martin

(Greenville, Rhode Island)

Hidden Secrets of the Addict

This article shares insights into unrecognized signs that someone has a problem with alcohol, prescription drugs, or street drugs, to recognize addiction and alcoholism.

While researching for my book, The Whirlpool, Surviving a Loved One’s Addiction- A Survivor’s Manual I have come to realize how the disease of addiction in someone we know, love, or learn about can traumatically affect our wife, our husband, our kids, our family, and our friends. I understand that an addiction of any kind is a disease.

The addiction not only takes over psychologically but also their personality as well. Please feel free to edit or delete any of this information
for your intended use.

For alcoholism…

Relationships are built upon trust. When drugs, alcohol, or prescription drugs enter the relationship, they challenge that trust. The
alcoholic’s secrets causes the addict to transform into a hyperactive spider weaving a web of deceit.

The addict isn’t the only one to get tangled in the web. The people who love the addict often find themselves trying to free themselves from the entanglement. Outside the circle of addiction are the temptations that can magnify the individual alcoholic influences.

An important fact in alcoholism is that when a functional alcoholic is drinking, his personality changes. This affects not only his personality but also affects him psychologically. Our bodies are constantly trying to maintain equilibrium. When a person drinks, he is relaxing his nerves. Those nerves need to get back to the equilibrium line. To accomplish this, they have to compensate for being relaxed and get stressed out.

His bursts of anger, foul language, verbal abuse and often physical abuse are some of the signs of the functional alcoholic.

You could almost say he was a Dr.and Mr. Hyde. However, the only way someone can overcome it is through admission and a desire to make it better and making every day another step towards recovery.

For prescription drugs the addicted person is addicted to prescription drugs often will try to justify their addiction by claiming that prescription drugs are prescribed by a doctor, how bad can they be? I am not buying them down a dark secret alley!

The addict will often check medicine cabinets of those they are visiting. Some addicts have a little system. They cough or run the faucet to open the cabinet and flush the toilet to close it. They will go to any length to get their drugs…steal, lie, cheat, or betray the ones who love and care about them…

For drug addiction…….. In drug addiction, you begin to notice changes in behavior like they are hanging around with people you have never seen before; they avoid eye contact or any confrontation. You notice that checks are missing from your checkbook, sometimes taken in the middle of the checkbook from the back of it.

Items begin to disappear from you house like cameras, computers, and jewelry. Family heirlooms disappear and taken to a pawn shop. They will sell anything thing from family and friends to get money to buy drugs. They are always asking for money either to buy cigarettes, gas, or needing help with the rent.

Sadly, they will steal or cheat their own family and friends to support their habit. They never keep appointments or call to cancel. They just never show up, or if they do show up its usually two or three hours late without any explanation.
They have no remorse or guilt about what they do.

Personality changes, lying, stealing from their own family and friends, cheating their way to get what they want, hanging around new friends, avoiding eye contact interaction, avoiding confrontation with family or friends, sleep all day with clothes on often goes unshaven. Often his clothes are so wrinkled, dress differently, look like they never take care of themselves, disregarding personal hygiene including shaving,
brushing teeth, or wearing the same clothes day after day, not comb their hair, when on a high give impression that everything is going alright.

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and Finally Remember:

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”
– Matthew 7:7-8

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